Current Energy Report Snippet - 17 June 2016

This week has zipped by in an instant as time continues to slip through our fingers. Many of us had to change what we had planned this week as our health, lack of motivation, weather or something presented itself which caused the change. Some of us swam with this change of plans, doing our best and making the most out of what we could do, while others of us resisted and tried to swim upstream against the strong current. However, the current was so strong in some places that we could not even swim against it, we had to stop swimming and float with it - leaping fully into trusting the flow. Even though what we planned may not have been ‘done’ - in our heart we know it’s okay, and that we will get back to it again soon. We can trust in the bigger picture.... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE



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Lee-Anne Peters
Temple of Balance


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