Current Energy Report Snippet - 16 December 2016

This has been a huge week of saying goodbye to much of our old era - these are books which are ending in our life - long phases coming to an end - the wrapping up of the old age. We are quickly selecting our new book, stepping into the new era and unwrapping the gifts of new learning and new creativity. These gifts which open brand new untapped potentials, crafts, skills, creativity and talents will begin to emerge from the rubble of the old era. Many of us are in for surprises which will motivate us to try new exercise movements, study, create with new materials and .... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE 

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Exclusive - resources available:
- Tower of Power Meditation - December mp3

- TOB Radio - on-air guidance (with Cicada Meditation) - returns 14 Feb 2017

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Lee-Anne Peters
Temple of Balance


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