- 21 October 2019 - By Lee-Anne Peters -
There is a general largeness or ‘size’ to what we’re experiencing at the moment - perhaps the better word to use is IMPACT. As we’re being impacted we’re also being pushed and pulled at as we try to maintain our balance and upright position. The fact is that some impacts knock us off our feet, and this is okay. It’s how long we let ourselves stay knocked over which might become a problem. If something of impact happens and it knocks us down... we can work with this. We can let ourselves grieve, feel the intense emotions and then work out how to get back on our feet again. Our balance, and keeping it, is a constant dance - so let’s dance with it...continue reading the full report, with more information on; life door, learning, posture awareness, signs from our body, don't wait - prepare, stability, activity status, physical, emotional and mental statuses and much more.... LOTS MORE TO READ when you become a part of our Pillar of Light Family SEE HERE 
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