- 22 July 2019 - By Lee-Anne Peters -
We’ve been shifting and adjusting ourselves, our balance and our life in consistent and ongoing ways. If we imagine ourselves as turning cogs, which have a series of projections and groves which slot into the next turning cog within us - we may have noticed that some parts have flaked and chipped away, and now we are looking closer at those marks, not loosing ourselves in their identity or story, but instead we see it for how it is and take steps now to smooth out the rough edges. This is giving us a growing sense of confidence in the choices we make and what we want. This renewed confidence is transferring out into aspects of our life now too, but perhaps mostly we see it as a confident trust in the steps that we take...continue reading the full report, with more information on transitional period, change, perspective, increasing confidence, choices, activity status, physical, emotional and mental statuses and much more.... LOTS MORE TO READ when you become a part of our Pillar of Light Family SEE HERE 
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