- 24th March 2017 - By Lee-Anne Peters -
What a week! Many of us have stepped out of our comfort zone time and time again this week - as we shattered our old realities and reintegrated with our new ones. Old and ancient memories surfaced and were quite easily released this week. The journey was memorable, different and comforting.
Many of us had what could be declared as a week of ‘healing’. This means we made and provided time for our own healing and release. It may also mean that we worked with others in this healing journey. Healing can simply mean change - and this change - which we could really call a ‘transformation’ - has been life-altering. We have ended the week not as the same person who started it. As we sit here connecting in with ourselves and this moment at the end of the week, we may realise that who we were on Monday has changed substantially and permanently. We know in our hearts that we will not go back to the person we were because we have transformed. We have allowed our hearts to .. CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family SEE HERE -- (only AU10 p/m)
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