Current Energy Report Snippet - 12 September 2016

Illusion is subtly moving in again, yet on a different level than the previous 'net of illusion'. For many of us it is 'illusion verses truth'. Honesty and being truly ourselves is of utmost importance right now - and yes it is likely to ruffle some feathers of those defending their agenda and illusion.
Corruption and lies behind conversations, and things like this may seem really obvious, loud and may irritate us at this time. Anytime we notice such things it is an opportunity to further cement our own authenticity in everything that we do and are.
We may want to help others see the truth or the 'error of their ways' however these efforts will likely fall on deaf ears, because until the person is ready and willing, they will not hear.
All we can do is BE the truth that is important to us - to live it and be it as best as we can always. To release all masks, come out of hiding and feel more and more comfortable in our precious skin... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE

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Lee-Anne Peters
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  • Hi Katy, unfortunately I have no control over what facebook does. It controls, hides and goodness knows what else to mine (and others) posts, videos etc. All I can suggest is that you keep an eye out, check in the ‘video’ section of my page, and remember, I do post several posts every day, and there are videos usually 2-3 times a week. xxx Much LOVE and thanks for following (or trying to) my work xx Lee-Anne

  • You posts arent coming through and when live card reading notifications come in irt wont connect to you. So i go on th tb fb page and its not there.


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