Current Energy Report Snippet - 1 August 2016

Some of us hit this last weekend being far too critical of ourselves, as well as what we said, did or didn’t say or do in hindsight. We may have found that various interactions or conversations left us feeling like we didn’t do something right.
We all have moments where the words don’t flow as well in the moment, or we just don’t think of the ‘obvious’ at the time. We can learn from this; however we can also work out ways to soften our self criticism for it is not serving a good purpose right now, and is only causing us to beat up on ourselves. Instead, let’s find peace in what we did say or do in the spur of the moment, and accept that for what it was.
Yes, we may think of a million ‘better’ options after it happened - but we cannot turn back time and repeat or improve the conversation. So let’s let go of the self attack about it, and move on. Releasing any guilt it brings up too will be helpful during this cleansing / preparation time... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE

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