CURRENT ENERGY REPORT - Self-sufficiency - 27 Jan 2017

- Self- Sufficiency -
As many of us checked off the runway and into the fuel station early in the week to refuel, now we’re slowly rolling off again in a slightly new direction. Our course has changed - and for some ever-so-slightly. We are picking up a new fragrance in the air and there is a new feeling of electric energy around us. The start up may seem a little slow - which is normal as we slowly chug our way out of the refuelling station and build up momentum again.
This is a time of acknowledging our self-sufficiency, to feel the fullness of the new which is all around and within us and to be our own guiding light. We’re moving away from the road which the masses walk - the road which we’re expected to journey, and we’re breaking away on our own - we’re blasting out of the mould. We’re stepping away from the majority to see what we .... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE 
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