- 31 December 2018 - By Lee-Anne Peters -


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Rapid breakthrough after breakthrough

Purging and letting doors close

Phoenix rises



 It’s only been one week - but it feels like many weeks squished into one as we’ve experienced breakthrough after breakthrough, grief, pain, resistance and the incoming of new ideas.  We’ve been busy and then enjoyed some relaxation. We’ve enjoyed our own company, and then social time with others.  We’ve received surprising news which will alter our course going forward - or will it? We’ve had it all this week. This has also brought about the completion of our kundalini awakening which started a few short weeks ago. Many of us have found new wisdom and new understanding in situations we hadn’t seen before. This is propelling many of us forward, into change and fresh new energy.

 RAPID BREAKTHROUGH AFTER BREAKTHROUGH - with support from Healing Energy Card - 48. Playfulness (lift our spirits through playtime).

 The time period prior to breakthrough can be painful, confronting and uncomfortable. Many of us have grieved deeply, felt excruciating pain and had to stop pining for our old self and how things used to be. It hasn’t been an easy week and we’ve earned the reward of each breakthrough we’ve experienced.

 These breakthroughs (or perhaps a breakthrough for some of us) has put everything into perspective - and it’s only occurred because of our courage to fully feel, be honest with ourselves and travel through the uncomfortable zone.

 There is a rapid energy about right now which is supportive and extremely favourable for breakthrough, realisations and moving through our wounds from the past. We’re blasting away our self doubt and increasing our self belief. We’re realising that we are much more than we thought just a few days before.

 PURGING AND LETTING DOORS CLOSE with support from Speed of Light Oracle 6. Butterfly (passion & action).

 Throughout this past week many of us have dedicated a lot of energy to deep purging. We haven’t sat back and wallowed in our wounds (for too long) - we’ve been proactive, done our best and been willing to surrender parts of ourselves which don’t support our highest truth any longer.

 Doors have actually closed this week - and in many cases they’ve been surprising. We’ve received shock news of people passing, things we enjoyed ending or role models leaving their position. We may have felt abandoned and in disbelief at first - however we have to trust in the bigger picture and that as others around us leave or make changes it will have a ripple effect to us. We can roll with it and see how things turn out from these closing doors as we courageously step into the unknown.

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 PHOENIX RISES - with support from Animal Kingdom Oracle - 26. Spirit Dragon (heightened energy).

 Everything this week, and the weeks past have all aligned together to bring us to this moment - this time of awakening and the completion of this latest kundalini awakening.

 The energy pushing through into the new is super strong - it is a force we cannot avoid - just roll with. We’ve made decisions which are important to us this week which will propel us into a healthier and refreshing New Year.

 The new - in the form of opportunities, new ideas and refinement are in our ‘space’ everywhere. They are like dancing particles of light filling up our auric field. They motivate and inspire us. They prompt us to make changes and improvements in our life and with who we are.

 The fireworks are exploding in the most brilliant of displays - and they are coming right out of our own crown to celebrate the journey we’ve walked this year. This has been an important, and at times very difficult year which has helped us become more solid and clear about who we are.


... reflection, celebration, realisation, purging, action and inspiration.



 This week the kundalini energy shifted much grief and recent wounds close to our heart. It pushed us into our truth and taught us how to further trust in our skills and who we are. It prompted us to look at our self worth and our intentions.

 Now it pushes out in a fireworks display from our crown - in celebration and renewal. It’s brought with it important personal realisations and new understandings about the type of person we are and what we need to change or refine to honour this.

 We’re recognising that we have to allow some things to evolve, which means realising that we can’t do everything - we have to allow others to step up to help, take over and bring their fresh new energy into a situation.

 We’re firmly anchored within ourselves and our skin as we walk as warriors and warrioresses into the unknown - the new - the true - the potential!!! We’ve graduated from this recent bunch of tests - now that’s worth celebrating!!

 Over the next few days the kundalini will settle down and withdraw back into our base chakra to sleep and wait until it is awakened again for upgrade. In the meantime we go through a new round of experiences and lessons - mixed in with old ones which we haven’t sorted out yet.

 For reference - the kundalini will move from Base chakra (physical) to Sacral (emotional, sexual, creative) to Solar Plexus (personal power) to Heart (LOVE) to Throat (truth, communication) to Third Eye (trust, intuition) to Crown (connections).

 More general information about the kundalini can be found here:



Generally how active / passive the energy is at the moment.

 The movement and activity levels are extremely heightened right now. This is a very favourable time to make changes, reach breakthrough and move through our old wounds once and for all. If we’re not quite ready yet, it won’t matter, the issues will settle down and stir up again later for revisiting - where we can attempt clearing them again. The new energy pushing forth is intense and will certainly be the motivation for many of us right now. We’re not encouraged to just tolerate and settle, but to thrive!!



 Our physical body has been a big focal point for us this week. Again many of us are not sleeping well, and are inspired to implement new exercise and eating plans immediately to help support our body. So far we’ve been pretty consistent and ‘good’ in practicing what we want to do to honour the health and well-being of our body - so let’s keep going and make time to spend with this unique physical figure of ours.



 We’ve had quite emotionally charged times this week - especially when we experienced deep grief and we just couldn’t stop pining for the person that isn’t with us any longer, who we used to be and how things used to be. Our wounded self has been working hard to try and hold us back and in the past. When we realised this many of us were able to push through the raw emotion and come out the other side determined and ready to make refreshing new changes in our life.



 The Will power of our mind has been a great friend this week. It’s been hovering in the background motivating and inspiring us to wake up and STOP spiralling out of control. Our higher mind has been supporting us and has been in direct communication with our heart. This powerful state of mind is helping us breakthrough, move forward and be inspired through improved self-belief and self-worth.



 I believe in my self so profoundly that I know I can accomplish anything I put my heart into.

 I allow breakthrough to become my reality. I transform suffering into breakthrough. And so it is.

 When doors close I may be rattled at first, but as the dust settles I see the rewards and potential in this change.

 The phoenix inspires me to be the best version of myself I can be - warts and all.

 Work with one or more of the above affirmations if you’re inspired to. Please also feel free to combine them or adapt their wording to be the most powerful for you.

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 Wishing you all a fantastic end to 2018 and even better start to your 2019!! Thanks for being a part of mine.

All my LOVE,

~ Lee-Anne Peters

(copyright 2018)

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  • Thank you for all your guidance throughout 2018 truly grateful
    Enjoy 2019 💞

  • Thank you LeAnne…I am going through a divorce and your guidance helps me to stay grounded and healthy. Recognizing energies and releasing the negative and embracing the positive…thank you….♡


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