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Kundalini starts focused ascent

Bridge to upgrade

Complexities in relationships


Taking a break

Grief and nostalgia



The moments continue to intensify and contain unfathomable potential for change, purging and progression. Each cell - each moment is FULL of possibilities. This is making it quite easy for us to be pulled into the complexity, concoct many ‘crazy’ ideas, feel consumed by life or require immediate simplicity and getting back to basics. Some of us have just had to step away, while others of us are muddling through the complexity, doing our best to make some sense of what we feel and what’s going on for us.


The rising kundalini (see more basic info about what the kundalini is here: is now in full active swing for many of us. This means we are undergoing a period of test, initiation and upgrade within ourselves and our life.

When the energy ‘hits’ strongly like it has been in one area (chakra), it brings forth probably about 75% of the symptoms mentioned below over a 12-24hr period.

The kundalini began its ascent about a week ago, as it moved, shifted, awakened and upgraded energy in our base chakra. This brought up many symptoms (not typically experienced) like: overheating, physical disruptions (in our life), feeling upside down, a strong connection to earth / nature, allergies heightened, laborious activities, muscular aches from activity, phoenix, rebirthing, hunger, disrupted sleep, heart palpitations, body tightness etc.

After only a few days of ‘play’ in our base chakra, the serpent / kundalini energy did what it needed to do there and then hit us strongly in our sacral chakra, presenting not usual symptoms like: feeling over emotional, worry, anxiety, stress, deep crying of old tears, a need to detach, writing, feeling, processing, contemplating, listening, supporting ourselves, break from electronics, deep healing time, a call to create however not motivated to yet and so forth.

This is also bringing up a lot of pent up emotion, lack of self belief, uncertainty and a general feeling of destabilisation in our body. Vertigo and this sense of being out of balance is hitting some of us quite hard at times.

The interesting thing is that we have pockets of moments where we’re feeling great, clear, connected and balanced. Then other moments suddenly we feel the intensity and complexity of energy.

The kundalini energy is pushing through our body quickly and intensely, so sometimes all we can do is ride the waves and follow what inspires us at the time.

We are upgrading, being tested and are revisiting old fear, shadow work, past issues and memories - all to see if we’re ready to ‘pass’ the test and move to the next level of vibration and discovery.


The activation of our kundalini energy and the big shifts we’ve been experiencing, and continue to in our life, are a part of building this bridge many of us are constructing at this time.

This bridge is the pathway between illusion and truth, and it represents our upgrade.

We are building, constructing and moulding this bridge each waking and sleeping moment. Sometimes we dance the blocks into form, other times we cry or scream the blocks into position, and then in other moments we sit in the deep stillness to bring them into reality.

Each passing moment is calling a new part of us into position. Some moments we want to be completely on our own, and other times we feel that we want our closest souls gathered around us. We are pushing people away, and then drawing them close. We are feeling upright some moments, and collapse to the ground in others. We are being pushed and pulled at - no wonder we feel the room spinning sometimes!

What we need to remember during this intense time is that we are building this bridge - the pathway forward. We must continue to be willing to see who we truly are and make changes to repeated patterns or issues we continue to be hit with. We do need to work, put in the effort and continue building.


It’s not up to other people to change us, or for other people to change themselves for us. No!! It’s up to us to LOVE ourselves enough to look closely at who we are and make some tweaks and adjustments so we can be our best selves.

Sometimes we make our interactions, relationships, ‘she/he’ said etc too complicated. We read too much into the dynamics of our interactions with others.  This also means that we might be getting up into other people’s business too much - or, we may be giving our power away to others at this time.

It’s quite tough right now not to get pulled up into the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ of other people’s personalities or lives. But we may find it helpful to make an effort in this area, rather than spend too many minutes or attention in the world of others.

There is only one person we can change - and that is ourselves. So instead of losing sleep about what’s going on in other people’s lives, let’s use that time to better and improve ourselves.

Relationship (including connections with people of any kind) issues, usually reflect our own relationship issue with ourselves.

What aren’t we hearing about ourselves?

How can we change and improve who we are?

Is there a way we can stop pleasing others?

How can we balance ‘people pleasing’ with compromise?

What are our current relationship complexities teaching us about ourselves?

What is repeating itself as an issue? How can we learn more about who we are, and make the necessary changes?

Complexity is quite loud for many of us in relationships, but also in life. In general things seem complex, which is why many of us have been called strongly to disconnect and take a break, to step into nature or just simplify things a bit.


With complexity comes the need to explore our boundaries - especially around certain people or situations which we notice are occupying a lot of our attention or conversations.

When we go through intense periods of change, it is natural that our boundaries then require reassessment to ensure they are still healthy and that we aren’t barricading ourselves behind our fear or insecurities.

Healthy boundaries are required so we can keep our sanity, create healthy relationships and look after ourselves.

Many of us have been putting our ‘foot’ down and reinforcing where we stand, what we will or won’t tolerate and certain guidelines which we want to enforce.

Boundaries do not work if we are not clear about them with ourselves. So, some of us have been exploring and contemplating our new boundaries at work, around family members or even with our schedule.

Exploring what’s not working so we can become clearer about the direction we do want to go with these boundaries are important. If we just spout off words, but don’t back them up with a plan of action - then our boundaries will always be uncertain.

So with the decision to strengthen our boundaries, we must follow through with words and actions. Clear communication about what these boundaries look like and how they will fit into our life, schedule or relationships is essential for them to be long-standing and remain healthy.

We can reassess them anytime and make changes - they are not, and never need to be set in stone forever. In fact, if that happens, the boundary turns into a defence - a castle-like wall that we have to defend, and often we hide behind.

Let’s consider what is pushing and pulling on us, and what isn’t feeling right - then take steps to get clear about what we need to do so we can reinforce our healthy boundaries with clear communication - at least with ourselves.


Some of us have needed reprieve this week. In fact some of us have been feeling the need for it for many weeks or even months, and finally the time came and we did what we needed to do.

For some we went into the depths of nature to find ourselves and detach from the world.

Others of us shut ourselves away in our home or room imagining we were invisible.

Some of us couldn’t find much spare time, so we continue to do what we can whenever we find time to put our feet up and just use our willpower in hope that we are not noticed - just for five minutes.


With the complexity of energy and space pushing forward, a lot of us are moving into old grief and nostalgic moments from our past. We are revisiting memories, our old photo albums and times that we went through.

Special people who are not in our life anymore are stepping in and supporting us deeply from spirit. That random song triggers memories of our grandparent, best friend or close family member - and then for a few minutes we are taken into our memories, feeling deep connection with that person we LOVE so deeply.

The stir up in our sacral chakra has been shaking to the surface old memories and grief as we shift them on a new level now. And many of us are also feeling even more truth to the fact that death is not the end - it is just a transition into a different space of life for the person.

It’s important that we allow such deep emotions to come to the surface, be felt and then move out - like the tide drawing the water back out to the sea.


... intense feeling, complexity, working out how to simplify, new healthy boundaries, strong kundalini movement and personal upgrading.




Generally how active / passive the energy is at the moment.

Activity levels are up and down at this time. The stormy winds and tides are moving in intensely and then out with intensity too. This means that our activity levels will also be up and down, although some of us are working with much effort, pushing through our slower times so we can build this bridge forward.



Generally, how much movement there is at the moment.

Even though activity levels are up and down, on the movement front we are making a lot of progress, and perhaps more than we realise. The winds are strong and are guiding our sailing boat with speed through the waters. This is a great time to make changes, prepare ourselves, build our new life and clean up.



To help raise your frequency - this section’s intention is to help you amp up.


This shows that it is an important time of privacy, personal connection and contemplation. Sometimes we use this time to heal, mend, reassess where we are in our life, and other times to remember, feel and reconnect. Whatever we feel we need to do with our private time will be right for us.



This section reveals an animal which relates to the current energy. Work with this animal if you like in meditation, exploration or study.

COPPERHEAD SNAKE - Lives in marshy swamp areas - energetically symbolising the current important of our emotional and creative realms. It reminds us to be active, alert and stand up for ourselves if we are being disturbed. Snakes are a symbol of transformation, shedding our old skin, the spine and kundalini.



The kundalini energy for many of us is actively shifting and upgrading us through our body.

Current position (for the collective) - stirring up intensity and complexity in the sacral chakra. (more info on the current kundalini energy above in main report)

There is more info about the kundalini here:



Even though the kundalini energy is pushing through our base, sacral and preparing to enter into the solar plexus chakra - each moment it is potentially pulling and tugging on threads of connection, which connect old wounds being stirred (say in our sacral chakra) to deeper areas where they are being stored (perhaps with our throat chakra).

This is quite normal with energy - that it does not have to just be focused around one chakra, but can stir up energy elsewhere too - although the main focus will be where the serpent / kundalini is currently working.

See info on chakras here:



Physically we may feel battered and bruised, tired and dealing with many of the kundalini symptoms shared above. This is quite an exhausting time.



Because the energy is hitting many of us strong in our sacral chakra - our emotional centre - we may be quite off the charts emotionally - or at least at times. This is okay, normal and nothing to be afraid of. We are emotional beings, and have spent too many times, situations and moments in our past suppressing how we feel. Much of this is coming to the surface right now.



Our lower mind / shadow side is loving the complexity and intensity at this time. So we may be easily swept into drama, worry and anything complex.  Let’s remember to keep perspective and consider what we can simplify within our life and what we’re giving our attention to.



  1. THIRD EYE OPENING (same as last week)

This brings forth an increase of personal trust. Things like, trusting in: our intuition, ourselves, our decisions, that we said what we needed to at that time, the steps we take in our life etc.

Trust issues are being stirred up all to help us increase and strengthen our ability to trust in ourselves more.

If you are struggling with this, you may like to work closely with that card for the next few days. I do tend to find that this card will reflect on the coming week or weekend.



I am ready to simplify my life and my relationship with it.

I keep perspective.

If I am blowing something out of proportion, I recognise it and adjust myself.

I give myself permission to ride the waves.

My boundaries are strong and clear - I respect them.

I respect other people’s need for boundaries, even if I don’t understand them. They are important to that person.

I continue to build and construct my bridge pathway.

Work with one or more of the above affirmations if you’re inspired to. Please also feel free to combine them or adapt their wording to be the most powerful for you.



Mp3 Meditation - BUILDING THE BRIDGE Meditation - Pillar of Light Family check last week's report for link.


Healing Event - Healing Time: a live Video Stream in our closed members-only Facebook group - private & exclusive. If you’re not a part of the group, please request the link to join via reply email. DATE - Thurs 22 March at 7pm - Sydney time - GMT+11


Online Drumming Circle - Wed 4th April - Time: TBC - Sydney time = GMT+10 (note time change) - You’ll need to request to join our drumming circle group to participate for Pillar of Light Family. Or non members, register here:


If at any time you feel you are not quite up to what is shared, go back to the previous Reports until it does make sense. Sometimes I find I move forward a little ahead of time / ahead of the collective - to help prepare the way.


I trust this is helpful and supportive for you,

Take care and happy wave riding,

We’ll see what this week’s new moments bring,

All my LOVE,

~ Lee-Anne Peters

(copyright 2018)

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