Complimentary 3 x card email read!


This month (July 2016) we launched onto the empowering artist / creative platform called Patreon. I am loving the intention behind it, which is basically encouraging people to become patrons of the arts - or in other words, patrons of their favourite artists and creatives.

It took several weeks of preparation, planning and exploring how much I value myself and my work, to launch Temple of Balance on Patreon. It was no easy task actually. With the physical writing, videos and organising aside, it really brought up insecurities within me personally, which I courageously faced and released.

As an extra special thank you to our current fourteen (14) patrons, and any new ones who are inspired to become a Temple of Balance Patron this month (before 31 July), I am offering a 3 x card email reading. So that means for as little as just $1 you can receive all of the great rewards that come with that pledge's reward, plus a personal email reading. These will be emailed out in the first week of August after your first payment has been collected from Patreon on our behalf.

The email reading will be me picking 3 x Speed of Light Oracle cards personally for you - then I will share their meanings from the book, and write my personal interpretation of them for you too.

If you do enjoy my work, and especially my large amount of free content mainly shared through my Facebook page (Temple of Balance) and YouTube (Temple of Balance) then please consider supporting what I do through Patreon. It's your support which helps me be able to do what I do without needing to find another job to keep food on my family's table.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone for your support, whether it is through Patreon, purchasing through this website, sharing, encouraging, talking about or whatever inspires you - you help make a difference in our lives (my family and I).

I look forward to bringing your more great stuff as our patronage grows and I balance your supporting me, by giving back to you and the world.

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

Learn more about supporting my work through Patreon - and receive your 3 x card reading in early August!

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