Card for 26 May

Today's card is pulled from my in-creation Healing Energy Cards 2...

Good morning. Today's card is a great reminder for us to seriously consider where we need help or who needs help around us.

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CALL FOR HELP - be open to receiving assistance.

This card represents our desire to help, or our need to be helped.

If we're not open to or believing that assistance is possible or there for us - we may shut the idea of it out - and this would be slamming the door to help, support, a solution and improvement.

We are all here to help each other. So let's think about the assistance we need, how open or closed we are to receiving this, and then call for it.

This may be quite a literal summoning as we: call an expert, seek more information, support someone we LOVE who is going through a tough time, reach out, express our concern or admit that we need help.

If we are required to help someone we LOVE who is going through a tough time - then let's step up and be there, but we may need to remember that our desire to help may be met with resistance and an unwillingness to cooperate, in which case we can only do what we can.

If we are the ones in need of assistance - let's focus our intention with clarity on what it is that we require and make sure we aren't pushing potential help away unconsciously.

Let's sound the bell, put out the call and announce (especially to ourselves) that - "I need help and I am welcome the support I need."

To expect a specific support - like winning the lottery - is ungrounded and not realistic. So let's remember to keep our intentions open, anchored in reality and to trust that what we need for our highest truth will come into our lives.

Card category: ACTION (options: rest, action, depth, rising, neutral).

This deck is in the last stages of creation, and although intentions were to release later 2020 or 2021, with the current world situation this is unknown at this time.

You can learn more about my original Healing Energy Cards (cards 1-55) here:


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How does this resonate with you?

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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  • Thank You so much, Lee-Anne ! 🙏 This definitely resonates with me today, and I appreciate you, and your cards ! 🙏💖🙏

    Donna Terwilleger

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