An artist....

I LOVE sculpting so much.... it brings me such joy and the results of progress and completion are getting better and better.... maybe I am improving? It seems to be the case for me.
I LOVE expressing myself through art, and in particularly sculpting in clay at the moment. It's hard to say how or why I resonate with it so much.
Maybe because it requires a lot of concentration and skill development.... maybe because I like sitting quietly in my studio focusing on the making... maybe because it is a tactile way of using my hands - an extension of my heart - to create... maybe because it suits me, my personality and what I want to create...
Exploring myself, my identity through close observation, sculpting and expressing is valuable for me. Aspects of me are infused into every piece.... they are my babies, my heart, my soul...
At the beginning, I am deeply attached to each thing I make. From the sculpture that takes me 10 mins, and then to the one that takes me 10hrs. I am deeply poured into the process...
The decorating and glazing, are usually a means to an end - the only way to complete the pieces fully is to do this process.... (as you can see my favourite time of the process is making)
But then, I can sit with my creations - finished, solid, and set - for a few days to work with the magic of creation.... turning something from clay to ceramic / glass is alchemical.
Touching, feeling, looking and holding my pieces after completion happens for me every time I take something out of the kiln.
Then, I can let them go. They served their purpose, they supported my healing and growth, and like baby birds, they leave the nest and find a new home.
In the end, I detach from my creations and move onto the next inspiration.
It is Earth, it is Fire, it is Air, it is Water....
I am the alchemist creator creating whatever I fancy.
I am the observer, closely looking at the details of what I may be sculpting.
I am the confident creator trying, pushing, having a go, challenging myself, taking risks and seeing what happens.
I have made room in my life for my art, and art has made room in it's life for me.
Together we can co-create anything!
Some thoughts from me on this Thursday ❤
Much LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

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