Akashic Records!

I've had many questions posed to me over the years about the Akashic Records and felt it was about time I did a new blog article about it.

First of all, please keep in mind that these sorts of things are subject to people's perspectives and interpretations. I am not saying my thoughts will be correct for you, however they are for me. I share my thoughts as a way to help you perhaps expand your perspective and open up to new ideas - it's healthy to challenge yourself, right?

I have been meditating and journeying into my past for healing, remembering and learning for over fifteen years. I also had several experiences before this time which I couldn't explain at the time. I do a lot of shamanic journeying and live my life intuitively.



I went through a period of time a few years ago when I was doing a lot of journeying to my Akashic Records. So let's start with - what the heck are they?

To me, it might be a 'place' which exists in another realm. I liken this 'place' to a Universal library. It is said that everyone has a 'record' in this energetic library, and that this 'record' contains everything we ever experienced and perhaps will experience as a soul - meaning not limited only to this body and in this lifetime.

In the past when I have 'visited' this place it appeared to me as a place with steps, which were framed by pillars. Walking inside it seemed infinite, and like a never-ending library cataloged with thick old books. I saw many 'tables' where 'people' would sit and read their book, and there seemed to be a 'guardian' - a being who maintained the place and helped those who visited.

I realise now that my own perception created the Akashic Record building to be like an old style library, and my actual record to be contained in an old book. When I explored the book some of the writing I could see and others were blank. Sometimes in my dreams I would visit this place too.

However, in more recent times, as I have released a lot of my own beliefs and limitations, I see that it is unlikely that the true 'place' where individual Akashic Records are held would look even remotely like a library. I also don't feel the individual records are as 3rd dimensional as a book.

I am open more to the idea of it all being much less 'physical' and more light based. As I sit here sharing with you I imagine the building to be my own personal creation - a space I can imagine wildly. I picture instead of a book which has chapters which start then end, it is more like a picture screen, with visuals, feelings, and sensations of what others felt too. So instead of words scribbled in some book - perhaps it is more of a visual presentation - which would be interpreted in the eyes of the beholder.

When approaching such a place feeling 'doom and gloom' about ourselves or our life, we may likely only observe 'doom and gloom' in our record - whether written, visual or otherwise presented. Just like if we approach it feeling overly optimistic and on a hopeful high, then we may also taint what we experience.

These days I don't really care to look outside myself to connect with myself - if that makes any ounce of sense! I prefer to live my life being myself, learning as I go and doing what I can. I would much rather continue to improve myself in my moments of life, by learning from life and how I react to it.

Once upon a time I sought more wisdom and knowledge about who I was on those spiritual levels, now I just do my best to live and breathe it as I walk in this body - to be a soul having a human experience.

Thanks for reading :)

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