Letting Go Daily Dedication - 11 Days

Letting Go Dedication with Lee-Anne Peters - from 21 Dec - 1 Jan 2016
Below inserts are taken straight from Lee-Anne's Facebook posts on her Temple of Balance page.
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Monday 21 Dec 2015 - Good morning!
I sit here with you on this Monday morning quite mentally tired, emotionally exhausted and doing my best to find a smile and sense of gratitude.
It is so important to me that I am always living my truth - which includes being honest with myself (and others).
I wanted to express to you here that I am tired of life today and I want you to know that you are not the only one perhaps feeling this.
Admitting that we need help, or that we are not coping is being honest with ourselves. And sometimes the simple act of asking or reaching out can help us tremendously.
I am not asking for help, attention or sympathy - I know I will get through this time - I have put a few things into place to help me through this temporary phase - so I can step further into myself, retreat and recentre myself.
If you need help, please reach out and ask for it.
When we feel blah we tend to naturally withdraw and 'suffer' in silence - yet it reflects out through our words, thoughts, actions and interactions with others.
So I am reaching out sharing with you how I feel, in an effort to not only be honest with myself but to remind you that you may not be the only one struggling right now.
It's okay to feel vulnerable, overwhelmed, angry and uncertain - we can use such emotions to notice where in our lives, or within our own self things may not be working - and use those strong emotions to propel us into change.
Sending you waves of LOVE from my heart as I step back and step within for a short period of self-healing, transformation and release.
~ Lee-Anne Peters
Temple of Balance

Tuesday 22 Dec 2015 - Good morning!
Happy Solstice - it's the Summer one here in Australia.
I awoke early so went for a bike ride down to the water. It's a lovely fresh sunny morning.
From now until the end of the year I have started a #lettinggo dedication. Join with me if you like.
Day 1 - Letting Go Dedication - I surrender everything that isn't working for me in my life. I let it go. I breathe it all out. I ooze it from my body, mind and emotions. And so it is.
As I catch my thoughts wanting to hold onto scenarios and things, I let them go.
Breathing them out and away.
Have a lovely day,
All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

 Wednesday 23 Dec 2015 - Good morning once again!
What a morning! For me - up at 3am, writing, releasing, and realising. A 90min soak in the bathtub for some meditation and a snooze, now I just came back from a morning bikeride (see photo).

It's taken much personal effort to do all of this - to dive deeply into how I feel, to recognise something in my life just isn't working and my balance has tipped and requires adjustment. And great effort to get up and do things which may help me.

I dedicate much of my time to my self-healing, and perhaps I have neglected it more than I realised these past weeks and months.

So this morning, as I jumped out of the tub at 6.30am I realised and declared something to myself - which I would like to share with you - perhaps it will be helpful.

I declare I am ready for this new part of my life to open up and for a new time in my life to be revealed.

Day 2 - Letting Go Dedication - I release all of my resistance to change. I leap into the unknown ready - I am ever so ready!

I am ready to become more of who I am.
I am so much more than what isn't working in my life.
I am more than what I think right now.
I am more beautiful, loving and loved than I realise.


It's time to steer this airship into a new direction - and to know that this is okay.

It's time to cut the rope which has been holding this airship in limbo - cut them - release those ties - surrender insecurities.

Let's take hold of the controller and steer ourselves into a brand new direction!

It's quite liberating how diving deeply into the raw and pain of our emotions can be.

I may still be a little away from the full balance I am striving for - however, this is a positive step in a very good direction. Now to focus on this flow and deal with negative thoughts or raw emotion as they present themselves.

Please join me in this daily Letting Go Dedication. Do so in any way you feel is right for you. You are ever so loved and supported. It is safe for you to let go.

All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters


Thursday 24 Dec 2015 - Good morning!

It's day 3 of the - Letting Go Dedication - I don't know about you, but I am noticing a huge transformation within my being.

No matter what is happening in my life, I know my reaction to it comes from my own approach, fear, belief, insecurity or perception.

These past 3 days I have had a break from creating - I didn't even glaze fire my kiln yesterday because I wanted to completely dedicate this time to my self-healing and self-discovery.

I committed these past 3 days to getting out of bed and going straight for a bike ride. That daily commitment for just 20mins has been a wonderful motivation for me.

I share these things with you as a way to encourage you and hopefully inspire you to make some new dedications and take self responsibility for how you feel and what is happening in your life.

Letting go is a wonderful starting point.

Please join me if you are so inspired ----

I let go of all fear which is holding me in pain and separation from who I truly am.

I blow it away using the power of my breath - like I am blowing away a heavy smog which has been hovering around me.

I forge my way through the suffering and challenges I am noticing by sorting things out in my life, by noticing my thoughts and listening to my feelings.

I turn my inner truth detector ON - not only in interactions with others - they are not my enemy - but in everything I hear, notice and even THINK!

As this morning's sunrise here captures in its fiery rising - I am the phoenix arising from the ashes and being completely honest with myself.

Clarity is coming - in the meantime I will do my best, go gently and step within to heal and release.

May this help you and please modify it to suits your personal truth.

Feeling more alive, ready and balanced here than I have for some time.

All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters


Friday 25 Dec 2015 - Good morning!

It's Day 4 of our Letting Go Dedication.

I had a little resistance this morning - some thoughts to not go on my morning exercise and just stay home - I pushed through it and I am so pleased I did.

note: resistance proves to me time and time again, that it occurs when I am about to do something incredibly empowering and helpful to my happiness. Pushing through resistance has helped me so many times in my life.

I ended up going for a lovely walk. There was much more I noticed which I haven't when bike riding - which was a bonus. I worked a lot with the wind / air element to help me let go. I also noticed many signs along the way which helped usher in another phase of personal transformation for me.

Please join with me in today's letting go dedication if you are so inclined:

I surrender, release and let go my hold on the past and the future.

I personally realised that I have been giving my power away to my past / future / money / fear and such things. So as I reclaim my power and cut those unhealthy ties which immediately knock me out of balance - I move back into a new space of balance.

So let's focus on noticing where we are giving our power away - perhaps to situations, scenarios, people, items, addiction, fear, drama etc. And as we become aware of such things we can focus on cutting those invisible cords and reclaiming our power back - our personal power.

We are powerful beings - if we feel anything less it is worth exploring.

I contemplated this morning on how long this dedication needs to be, and I am going to continue until the end of this year. So back again tomorrow.

This is the photo of the #sunrise I captured on my walk.

Wishing you a lovely day - you are LOVED!

~ Lee-Anne Peters

Saturday 26 Dec 2015 - Good morning!

It's our Letting Go Dedication - Day 5. How are you going? If you've been joining with me - are you noticing any changes within or within your life?

I know I sure am. Even though I am going about my daily activities and duties, this dedication is helping me focus on my self-healing and betterment - my returning to Balance.

This morning it is wild weather and my body is quite sore from the long walks and bike rides I've done this week - so I felt comfortable being flexible today. I did some stretching, Tai Chi, journal writing and a meditation.

Here's some of what I have been working on today - please join me if you are so inspired and modify it to suit yourself and your situation.

I breathe deeply and LET GO.

I LET GO of my need to talk - I listen!
I LET GO of my need to be right - I allow myself to be wrong!
I LET GO of my need to distract myself - I pay attention!
I LET GO of my fixations - I am flexible!
I LET GO of my need to judge - I am accepting!
I LET GO of my need to have money - I am provided for!
I LET GO of my fear - I AM LOVE!

I reach within to feel it, transform and change!

I AM the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly!
I AM the phoenix rising from the ashes!
I AM the cicada emerging from the ground!
I AM the bear retreating from hibernation!
I AM the sun rising on the horizon!
I AM the moon dancing with the sun!
I AM the earth gently rotating!
I AM my heart beating with LOVE!


I'm learning today about stepping within my Sacred and personal Heart space - to feel the stillness and sacredness of my heart and LOVE, and then bringing that feeling out into everything I do, say and think. To bring a little more of myself out of hiding through a merging of my Heart and Throat chakras - an awakening and combining of LOVE and HONESTY.

I trust this is a helpful starting point for you,

Wishing you a lovely day,
~ Lee-Anne Peters


Sunday 27 Dec 2015 - Good morning!

Already at day 6 of our Letting Go Dedication - how are you going with it? It takes a lot of effort doesn't it - to persist, see it through and step out of bad habits we may have gotten into.

I'm feeling very clear this morning and extremely open to new ideas - which woke me in the early hours of the morn. I'm feeling quite content and am so pleased that I started this exploration and allowed myself to see it through.

Please join me if you are so inspired....

I release my need to control and I trust things ARE coming together. Even though they may not be as I thought they would, or things changed in my life - I know that the pieces are beginning to fall into place. Sometimes I notice them, and sometimes I don't - however I do trust I am moving in the right direction.

Having said that - if I am ignoring or am scared of a certain change in my life - and I am struggling to notice it, then I am open to the fact that I may need to still make some changes.

I am open to the idea of improvement.

Please modify or adjust the above statement to suit your needs and personal feelings in this moment.

I trust you have a wonderful day,
All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters


Mon 28 Dec 2015 - Day 7 of our Letting Go Dedication!

Good morning to you!

For me, it has been an interesting time. Yesterday I felt at times I was slipping backwards. Earlier I was thinking about this - trying to work out why and how!

This morning on my walk I was a little unsettled considering all of this stuff - from yesterday, last week etc... basically the past! So there and then I reminded myself that TODAY IS A NEW DAY!!

I was reminded to SET MY ALARM to NOW! Always!!

This reminded me to:

And with all of this ALERTNESS in the NOW I came back from my walk with no photo for you! Then I giggled and thought - okay I see the past / future element of a photo today - so it makes sense not to have one.

PLEASE join in if you are so inspired to LET GO.

Some people have been contacting me saying they missed the previous days of dedication - not to worry - just start from today. You can browse back down our wall to find my focuses to inspire you if you like, or just simply start afresh.

I LET GO of my mental and emotional hold on yesterday!
I LET GO of my mental and emotional hold on tomorrow!
I bring all of my alertness and attention to the POWER OF NOW!
and so it is... heart emoticon

Please use this as a starting point or modify it to suit your needs.

All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters


Tues 29 Dec 2015 - Good morning - it's day #8 of our 11 Day Letting Go Dedication.
For me personally, I am starting to really fine tune and hone in what I am letting go of - the specifics!
I've noticed with my self-healing journey over these last couple of decades that I shift a lot in general when I start the letting go process - then I tend to get super specific.
Looking at parts of myself and my life very closely to release or improve them. Before I can do this I MUST be taking full responsibility for how I feel and my life. If I feel angry at someone, or something from my past - I will struggle to get specific. There is a certain point of 'ownership' which needs to be reached I've found.
If you're not quite up to that yet - it's okay - just do what feels right for you.
Today on my walk I did a lot of specific releasing - working with the power of my breath.
Please join me if you like:
- BREATHE OUT and surrender all of the old air from your body - slowly, surely and consciously.
- BREATHE IN and draw that new air as fully into your body as you can.
- BREATHE OUT and let go of the specifics - be specific for your own personal journey and moment right now.
- BREATHE IN that new are air again.
- BREATHE OUT and continue to let go of specifics - do this as many times as you need to.
- BREATHE IN and feel that fresh new energy filling your body.
- Continue this for as long as you need to and adjust it to suit your current feelings and energy space.
You may even like to continue this from time to time throughout your day today - releasing and surrendering as things come up using your breathing.
I trust this is helpful,
Wishing you a lovely day,
~ Lee-Anne Peters


Wed 30 Dec 2015 - A good morning to you!

It's day #9 of our 11 day Letting Go Dedication. Like yesterday - for me now I am refining and honing in on specifics, and today in particular is my own guilt.

Guilt is an interesting thing - we become our own judge and he announces our guilt, and for me, often over ridiculous things. Stuff I didn't do with my children the day before, or things my inner judge determines I didn't do or say 'right'. How debilitating!

We truly are often our own worse critic and is this healthy?

For me, I don't think it is. I never feel good when I have been on a guilt rampage - and I notice it is often as I am relaxing to go to sleep, while I sleep or why I wake up. When I am alert and awake fully I know that this mental trait is not healthy for my mental wellbeing.

So today I have been releasing guilt and my inner judge - it's time for him to resign!! hahaha.... Through my exercise this morning I've been pushing out and sending it all away.

Please join me if you are inspired to - adapt and modify todays letting go to suit your needs today.

I release my inner judge - you have no role to play here in my life any longer! (I visualise and picture him packing office and resigning - leaving my internal space).

I release my inner critic - I visualise him packing his bags and leaving my inner space.

I release all feelings of guilt and know within my heart that I do the best I can do in the moments presented - and this is good enough.

I picture guilt leaving me, like toxic liquid floating down stream and out of my space - as it leaves my space this toxic energy returns back to LOVE. It is only toxic while it is being fueled in my energy space.

And so it is...

All my LOVE <3 and Happy Healing,
~ Lee-Anne Peters

Thu 31 Dec 2015 - Good morning <3
Well here I sit at 7.42am on the 31st of December - the last sunrise here for 2015. And what a year! For me it has been full of high highs and low lows. It's been a tough year on several fronts, yet also the year I stepped into full personal acknowledgement that I am an artist!
I have been on a mission since around the solstice to fully let go and release all of my old and current baggage, and as one of our Pillar of Light Family said perfectly this morning - "(I am) Determined not to take any negativity from previous years into next year." - Thanks K.M.
This is how I feel. I intend to start 2016 afresh - with new eyes, a refreshed heart and clear mind.
Today - it is day 10 of our Letting Go Dedication - and today for me I know it will be all about purification and cleansing. I feel no urge to exercise this morning, instead I am preparing for an almighty clean out!
I will open all windows, clean my house, smudge my house with a smudge stick (or you can use incense or your intention), and then drum fresh new energy into the whole area.
I intend to flow with how my body feels - however the salt water is calling me - if I have the opportunity I will emerge myself into the sea at the beach, if not, I will happy emerge myself in an Epsom salt bath at home. I really want to be flexible and not to 'planny' today.
Please join with me in this letting go and day of purification if you are inspired to - modify it to suit your current space and needs.
I breathe out and release all unmanifest dreams from 2015 and earlier - I let go of the rejection, the feeling of failure, the inner conflict from this. So it is.
I breathe out and release all drama from 2015 and earlier which still takes up space in my heart and mind. I let it go knowing that I have no room for any kind of drama in my life. So it is.
I breathe out and release all previous low thoughts about myself. I let go of my self doubt, my self criticism, my insecurities and how I measure people and situations in my life up against past scenarios. I am not allowing myself to be defined by this any longer - I set myself free (from myself) - and so it is.
I breathe out and release all of the 'old stories' I continue to keep alive and active by thinking or talking about them. All of these old stories about people, myself or things which 'happened to me'. I am more than those now. It's time I free them up so I can allow some new experiences in my life. So it is.
I breathe out and release my need to impress others, to seek attention and to be untrue to myself. It's time I step up into my true self - finding strength, love and purpose to simply be me and follow my passions. I release my need to people please and to stroke my ego through boasting and the like. I am content in my skin and I make it my mission from today to get to know the true me that I am. So it is.
I will likely post more on this today as I am inspired - especially around purification as I dedicate this day to detoxying my body, mind, emotions and life.
Wishing you lovely moments,
~ Lee-Anne Peters


Fri 1 Jan 2016 - Happy New Year!!

A slow moving horizontal day for me tending to and caring for my body - I am at peace with that.

Today I am reminded of true inner peace and contentment. To feel zero turmoil and a sense of joy and LOVE. This feeling waves through every corner of my being, into my thoughts, my feelings and I am seeing it outflow into my life. I am grateful.

I have been reminded that although this Letting Go Dedication is now complete - it doesn't mean a magic wand has been waved and everything will now always be okay. It has taught me to take my time to truly listen to how I feel always, to be real about this and take the action steps required.

I KNOW that no matter what presents itself in my upcoming moments that I will be ready to do my best, to make the decisions I feel are right and to guide my life down the path which feels correct for me at the time.

I am in charge of how I feel and how I react.

Thank you for following with me on this dedication - I trust it's been helpful for you,

All my LOVE for a joyous 2016 for you and your family,

~ Lee-Anne Peters


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