Working with Green Apophyllite

Green Apophyllite: Has a stronger focus on the heart chakra than its clear counterpart. It aids in the healing of the heart, old trauma from the past (this life and others), and relationship wounds (both romantic and non romantic relationships). Green Apophyllite has a gentler energy than clear Apophyllite so it’s easier for people that are extra sensitive to energy to work with. Green Apophyllite shares the following properties with Apophyllite.


Apophyllite helps the soul adjust to being in a physical body. This is great for new souls that aren’t used to the earthly experience and good for souls that have had a long pause between incarnations. Apophyllite helps a person feel “comfortable in their skin” and this can help with self worth issues.

Apophyllite is a very high vibrational stone so it’s great for meditation and connecting with your guides and/or deceased loved ones. The stone connects well with the third eye and crown chakras.


Apophyllite helps eliminate stress and clear anxiety. If a person suffers from anxiety keeping Apophyllite in their environment will help the person to relax and not have the extreme reaction to certain triggers. Apophyllite can draw out and dispel negative energy so it can be used to cleanse all of your chakras.



Green Apophyllite specimens are primarily sold in their natural cluster formation, usually on a light matrix.


Working with a cluster: Energy flows from every point of a cluster, making them ideal for charging, clearing, and amplifying the energy in a room. Clusters are perfect for any type of passive energy work such as long term crystal grids or as a feature on your desk / bedside table. You can also charge/cleanse another crystal by placing it on a cluster and leaving it there overnight.

Actively working with clusters during meditation or hands on healing can be very rewarding. The cluster can be placed in front of you, held, or placed on the body. Naturally this is all dependent on the size and weight of the cluster, just apply common sense.

Fun fact: Apophyllite has two distinct ways of forming. It can form as cube shapes, or as pyramids. If one of the pyramid points breaks it generally comes off as a perfect "cap", leaving behind a beautiful cube formation on the specimen. The small points have a flat foundation and are great to place on the body during a healing or to use in your next crystal grid.

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