Current Energy Report Snippet - 6 Nov 2015


Transformation is a powerful manifestation tool - working with its energy to help us release our old fears, lack of self confidence, our old beliefs, insecurities, self sabotage and so on to bring that energy around full circle into love, self confidence, truth, feeling supported, alive and clear.

We can feel STUCK in this transformation journey - especially if we allow fear to stop us in our tracks - for it will! Fear can be a powerful motivator - however it can also cripple us! So we must see it for what it is as soon as possible, and then push through - transforming fear into love.

We are urged to have a go - give it a try - step out of our comfort zone - and test our limitations!

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  • I always enjoy hearing what guidance have for us, as it is always spot on. Some things resonate with us in different ways, however it seems that I am in alignment with both my truth and the ideals expressed in the signs from the universe. It is helpful to say the least! The Speed of Light Oracle cards as well as Healing energy cards are my favorite guides as the are directly in tune with my personal affairs. Thank you for your work and uplifting guidance.

    Jesseca Peace

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