Temple of Balance eNewsletter and November Message

Temple of Balance eNewsletter
November 2015
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I trust you are doing well and things are flowing fairly smoothly for you at this time. It's been quite the interesting October with a general feeling of what we once knew, and who we once where crumbling right before our eyes! Let's see what my cards and intuition say for November!

As we step into November study and learning new skills seems loud. We are working on 'Mastering' a particular skill, talent or study and these first days will be important for this. We can study in a traditional way, or in a non traditional way. No excuses now - let's find a way to learn what is important this week!

As we flow into the second week we may be hit with a new wave of 'illusion' where things seem to be heavy and somewhat stuck for us. Even though it may seem like this, we may not be as stuck as we think! In fact I see much movement, shifting and releasing in this second week with much opening of the heart. So a strong transforming from the cocoon as the butterfly type energy around which feels very liberating.

We may get into the third week of November feeling somewhat scattered and overwhelmed by the pressures we are under. And the best remedy for this at this time, will be to step back and dedicate some time to our self care. If things are chaotic in our life, then it is a sure sign to step within and restrengthen our core and self love. Balance will be important for us this week too - especially balancing between high activity and rest times.

A nice shift in the energy as we approach the fourth week of November as some of us activate and move to new levels in our life. Finally the green light we've been waiting on flashes before us and we are inspired to take action on something we've been waiting on for a little while. It will ignite some celebratory energy, joy, excitement and motivation within us too. We have much to celebrate by the end of November.

When I look at the potential theme for November, the energy of LOVE, relationships and connections with ourselves and others seems strong. We've been detaching and prioritizing a lot in our life throughout October, and we will likely start seeing the effects of those choices in November. We may notice people we used to align well with are no where to be seen, yet others step up - and new connections are being formed. In general we may also have moments of feeling 'off track' or a little unsure about where we are in our life this month. We must be cautious not to over-think it and become too discouraged. There are many signs, things to appreciate and support there for us - if only we will notice them!

Affirmation: "I allow LOVE and JOY for myself and my life to flow into my moments."

I trust this is helpful and you have a loving and joyous journey through November Please continue reading below to learn what's happening at Temple of Balance this month,

Shared with LOVE,

~ Lee-Anne Peters



Temple of Balance News & What’s on!

On Monday the 2nd of November I will be opening tickets and information about our 2016 Australia Tour. Cory and I will be bringing to you our Chakra Activation Retreat - a 2-day event in the second quarter of the year. More information and tickets will be open here: www.templeofbalance.com.au/collections/events

All info for the above and everything else happening at Temple of Balance is regularly updated on our website www.templeofbalance.com.au – if you can’t find what you are looking for – please contact us through our website.


Temple of Balance Events coming up:

- FEB Fri 19 - Fri 26 2016 Carlton, TAS - Tasmania Healing Retreat (live-in)

- FEB Sun 21 Feb 2016 Carlton, TAS - Spirit Guide Drawing Wkshop

- FEB Tues 23 Feb 2016 Carlton, TAS - Crystal & Sound Healing Day

Below events open tomorrow: all to be confirmed once minimum numbers reached:

- MAR Sat 19 & 20 2016 Sydney, NSW - Chakra Activation Series - minimum numbers required by Jan

- MAR Tue 22 & 23 2016 Brisbane, QLD - Chakra Activation Series - minimum numbers required by Jan

- MAY Sat 28 & 29 2016 Melbourne, VIC - Chakra Activation Series - minimum numbers required by Feb

- MAY/JUNE Tues 31 & 1 2016 Adelaide, SA - Chakra Activation Series - minimum numbers required by Feb

- JUNE Sat 11 & 12 2016 Perth, WA - Chakra Activation Series - uncertain of this event atm

- JUNE Sat 25 & 26 2016 Hobart, TAS - Chakra Activation Series - minimum numbers required by May

For more info on our events, please visit our events page


Temple of Balance Radio

(Sydney time – AEST – GMT+11)

Tues 10 Nov - on-air guidance with Meditation

Tues 24 Nov - on-air guidance with Meditation

Please visit: http://mixlr.com/templeofbalance


Publications at Temple of Balance

The Warrior: Trailblazer of Truth (new release - paperback)

Create a Facebook Page that ZINGS! (paperback & digital)

ATLANTIS: a return home (novel) (paperback & kindle)

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Temple of Balance Oracle Cards: guidance from our friends in spirit (Cards - save $10)

Eternal Love: A true story about Twin Flames (eBook - free)

Aligning with the Speed of Light: A guide to Ascension (paperback - save 30% & kindle)

Temple of Balance the book: Are you ready to be inspired? (paperback - save 30%)

Browse all of these at http://publishing.templeofbalance.com or BOOKS or CARD DECKS


Embrace Your Creativity Program

A new program to help stir your creativity, skills and to step out of your comfort zone. Learn more about our Embrace Your Creativity Program here.


Pillars of Light Family Members

Your mp3 meditation will be sent out with tomorrow's (Monday) Current Energy Report. Learn more about our Pillar of Light Family here.


Online Market

Each Wednesday morning (Sydney time) Cory and I share some of my handmade pendants and crystal specimens we import from India and Madagascar on our website here. Your support helps us continue doing our work full time - thank you. See the latest additions here.


Much LOVE always,

Lee-Anne Peters

~ founder of Temple of Balance

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