Current Energy Report Snippet - 22 Oct 2015


The path continues to crumble however there is hope for us this week - a hope which we may not have felt much in recent weeks as we feel into desperation and despair. Things are not lost - even if they feel it. As the old world and our old worn out path crumbles it can feel like the ‘end of the world.’ However it is not the case at all - it is in fact the transition between one phase of our life and the next - one chapter closes as another begins to take form.

Often these realms overlap - and we feel a sense of impatience about what we feel is coming and sometimes desperation to be there or to see and grasp it right now - we want evidence. Even if we were given a teeny snippet of what is birthing we would be happier - these are the types of things many of us have been thinking.


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