Collection Release - 21 Oct 2015

Good morning!

Our latest collection of pendants, crystal specimens and a smudge bowl have now been released on our website.

I am sharing seven new handmade pendants and a smudge bowl. While Cory has released eight crystal specimens.

This image highlights some of my latest additions - including a piece of petrified fern (Tasmanian), a Tasmanian shell and incredible green fluorite with amethyst cluster piece.


Cory has coming up some beautiful pieces including script stone obelisks, ammonite fossil and the most amazing clear, clear quartz sphere I have ever seen (yes I almost claimed it wit googly eyes).

If you'd like to browse the latest additions to our products you can do so here:

We trust you enjoy flicking through and you find something you LOVE. If you have any questions, cart issues, or anything at all - please dont hesitate to make contact.

Wishing you a lovely day,

~ Lee-Anne Peters



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