Next Collection Release - 14 Oct 2015

Good morning!

In 24hrs from now our next range of handmade pendants and crystal specimens will be listed on our website.

I have eight pendants coming up, including two terracotta pieces.

Please see photo to peak some of them.

One of my favourites coming up, is this magnificently clear, clear quartz polished stone, with a lavender and golden high sheen labradorite.

Cory is sharing some new crystal specimens too - so please keep an eye out.

We do our best to keep prices as cheap as we can, and we hope that the stigma of 'better quality for more money' is not a part of what you know to be Temple of Balance. We feel that you can have top quality at affordable prices.

So, we trust you enjoy our upcoming collection.

All can be viewed on our website here: Store

Thank you for supporting our work, wishing you a lovely day,

~ Lee-Anne Peters


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