Online Art Exhibition - Lee-Anne Peters - 3 & 4 Oct 2015

Good morning,

I am getting the last things together for my online art exhibition / sale which starts in 2hrs from now. It will be featured in this art collection page here:

In 2hrs (at 9am Sydney time - Saturday) - half of the pieces will go online straight away - that's 17 all together. Then same time tomorrow, the rest will go live - another 17 pieces.

Most of the original art featured are older pieces I created and tomorrow a few of my newer 'animal' pieces will be shared.

Previews of Saturday's art:


Here's a preview of Sunday's art:


Most pieces are between AU$40 - AU$80 - with a couple of extra special ones up to AU$150.

Check the size of each piece with each individual listing.

Thanks for browsing and sharing if you are inspired to,

I trust you find something new and exciting to hang on your wall,

~ Lee-Anne

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