Temple of Balance eNewsletter and October Message

Temple of Balance eNewsletter
October 2015
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I trust you are feeling good and traveled well through the somewhat bumpy September. Things began to shift and move for many of us, and as we end September our TRUTH and INTEGRITY are ever important.

As we begin October we will be urged to follow, listen to and trust our instincts and the cycles of change and growth we may be witnessing in our life. We would do better to surrender to the flow as much as possible, yet still be active and responsible for the choices we are making.

By the second week in October a new sense of discouragement may arise, where we are sinking to the depths and things continue to crumble on this somewhat unstable path. This highly emotional and almost desperate space will force us to think in new and creative ways to find a solution. We must be careful not to get too caught up in fear, doubt and limitations with this in our mind. If we can hold strong and true in our hearts and not become too defeated - we will see this is a temporary yet propelling time.

In week three of October much comfort and support moves in close to us. Our loved ones in spirit and those in the physical may draw close to help, assist or just simply be there. This in turn will help us feel more nourished and will help open our hearts further to love as we make some really important decisions in our life.

As the end of October flows forward we may feel extra sensitive and vulnerable, so we are urged to slip further into the flow and deal with things occurring as well as making the changes necessary. We must remember that we are protected and that we can trust our intuition as we sail along as best as we can. Ends will be tied up by the end of the month as we close some doors in our life and prepare for some new ones to open.

The theme of October will be to get serious, and take seriously our happiness and abundance. Let's make these things are priority! It may be a challenge to put our true happiness at the top of our list - however this will be something many of us at least consider throughout October. We will spend much of the month filtering out our beliefs, uncertainty and will concentrate on becoming ultra specific and clear about what we want and work out ways to manifest it in our life.

Affirmation: "I am ready, willing and open to not only receive abundance in my life, but to actually do what is necessary to manifest it."

I trust this is helpful and you have a loving and authentic journey through October. Please continue reading below to learn what's happening at Temple of Balance this month,

Shared with LOVE,

~ Lee-Anne Peters



Temple of Balance News & What’s on!

On Friday the 23rd of October I will be traveling to Sydney for the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival at Homebush. I will not be having a stall, however I will be presenting a 45min workshop in seminar room B at 4.30pm called - Tending to the nest: finding balance. It is free to attend the presentation, however there is an entry fee into the festival. See their website for more information here.

On the weekend of October 3 & 4 I will be sharing some of my older art pieces in a one of art sale. Happens right here on this website, on this page.

All info for the above and everything else happening at Temple of Balance is regularly updated on our website www.templeofbalance.com – if you can’t find what you are looking for – please contact us through our website.


Temple of Balance Events coming up:

- OCT Fri 23 2015 Syd, NSW - presentation at the MBS Festival at 4.30pm

- FEB Fri 19 - Fri 26 2016 Carlton, TAS - Tasmania Healing Retreat (live-in)

- FEB Sun 21 Feb 2016 Carlton, TAS - Spirit Guide Drawing Wkshop

- FEB Tues 23 Feb 2016 Carlton, TAS - Crystal & Sound Healing Day

For more info on our events, please visit our events page


Temple of Balance Radio

(Sydney time – AEST – GMT+11)

Tues 13 Oct - on-air guidance with Meditation

Tues 27 Oct - on-air guidance with Meditation

Please visit: http://mixlr.com/templeofbalance


Publications at Temple of Balance

The Warrior: Trailblazer of Truth (new release - paperback)

Create a Facebook Page that ZINGS! (paperback & digital)

ATLANTIS: a return home (novel) (paperback & kindle)

Speed of Light Oracle– 55 cards to help Expand Your Spirit (cards - available)

Healing Energy Cards 2nd ed – Tools to help you self heal (cards - available)

Temple of Balance Journal (6 to choose from): Explore who you truly are (paperback)

Affirmations: Encouraging you to smile, heal & awaken (paperback & kindle)

I Am Goddess: It’s time to Shine (paperback - save 20%)

Temple of Balance the book – Are you ready to be inspired? (paperback – save 30% & kindle)

Meditation: Simple & Effective – Enjoy more worry free days! (paperback – save 20%)

Create your own Crystal Grids (eBook, Video, Meditation) (ePackage – everyday $1.99)

I Am Shaman: Let go and allow flow (paperback – save 30%)

Healing Energy Cards eBook – Companion to the cards (eBook – everyday $4.99)

From Lack to Abundance: keys to manifesting our success (paperback - save 30%)

Temple of Balance Oracle Cards: guidance from our friends in spirit (Cards - save $10)

Eternal Love: A true story about Twin Flames (eBook - free)

Aligning with the Speed of Light: A guide to Ascension (paperback - save 30% & kindle)

Temple of Balance the book: Are you ready to be inspired? (paperback - save 30%)

Browse all of these at http://publishing.templeofbalance.com or BOOKS or CARD DECKS


Pillars of Light Family Members

Your mp3 meditation will be sent out with Friday’s Current Energy Report. Learn more about our Pillar of Light Family here.


Online Market

Each Wednesday morning (Sydney time) Cory and I share some of my handmade pendants and crystal specimens we import from India and Madagascar on our website here. Your support helps us continue doing our work full time - thank you. See the latest additions here.


Much LOVE always,

Lee-Anne Peters

~ founder of Temple of Balance

Let's connect on:

Website: www.templeofbalance.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tobhealers

Radio: www.mixlr.com/templeofbalance

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