Twin Flames - finding out about your Flame by Lee-Anne Peters

For Cory and I it was very natural and easy for us to find out about each other. We had our lives up until that moment, yet everything just faded into the background as our new priority, without any question was to be together and finish our lifetime and this mission of ours with each other.

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As we both sorted out our lives, I was dealing with a very new marriage separation and working out where I was going to live, what was happening with my children and facing that sort of stuff. Cory was breaking out of family traditions and organising things in that area. We had our lives, and stuff to face, deal with and sort out, yet we never had a question of doubt in our minds of an alternative other than being together. It was the only option.

[Divine LOVE - drawn by Lee-Anne Peters]

Even those teeny doubts or wondering about his visa, passport and travel overseas all worked out. Time and time again we were supported and shown that it was the right time. Everything worked out as ideally and brilliantly as it could have because we didn’t fight it. We trusted in our LOVE and we worked with it - we flowed with it.


Lee-Anne Peters is an artist, self published author, speaker and founder of the award-winning Temple of Balance. Lee-Anne is passionate about helping others follow their own passions and to experience real balance in their life. She does this by being a practicing and living example of what she teaches, and encouraging others to discover what works for them. Lee-Anne resides in Tasmania, Australia with her husband and two children.

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