Basics of Balance - with Lee-Anne Peters

I don’t know about you but Balance is so very important to me. It is something I feel for all day every day. Some days I forget, especially if I am dealing with something out of the ordinary or have deep old wounds coming to the surface. However if I can feel a good sense of balance most of the time then I am doing well.

As I grow, change and improve myself, what used to balance me will start to change too. So to be in alignment with my version of balance I will have to make some personal adjustments from time to time.

You see balance is a constant dance between the Yin Yang or Masculine Feminine energies within us. This dance is both inward and outward.

I often see the Yin Yang balanced energy as a push here and a pull there within myself. If I’ve just been through a big change in my life, then it sometimes takes a bit of time for me to match up with it inwardly. When I move to a new house I feel somewhat disconnected from it for a little while. When an opportunity presents change in my outer world I will need to make some inner adjustments to find my balance again.

Challenge - what does your balance look like today? If it is 'off' what can you do to love yourself back into balance? Do changes need to be made? Explore your deepest thoughts and feelings in your journal.


Lee-Anne Peters is an artist, self published author, speaker and founder of the award-winning Temple of Balance. Lee-Anne is passionate about helping others follow their own passions and to experience real balance in their life. She does this by being a practicing and living example of what she teaches, and encouraging others to discover what works for them. Lee-Anne resides in Tasmania, Australia with her husband and two children.

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