Exercise - Slowing down to listen to your feelings with Lee-Anne Peters

As you sit or lay there reading these words become aware of your body - how is it feeling? Is a part of your body falling asleep or in an uncomfortable position? If it is, stop reading for a moment and make the adjustments required.

Now gently bring your focus to your breathing.

If you noticed any pain or tension in your body now is the time to soften that with your breath.

Allow the worries or thoughts from your life or day to drop into the background, send them to the back room in your mind, and remain ultra focused on your breathing.

Breathe in the new air, and breathe out the old air.

As you breathe out let go, surrender and give yourself permission to relax.

As you allow your breathing to continue somewhat on its own, bring your attention to how you feel right now.

Instead of how you felt before, how do you feel now - in this moment?

Perhaps calm, peaceful, relaxed etc - see if you can feel for the best word that matches how you feel.

This is a very simple exercise to help get you used to connecting with how you feel. Check in with yourself often - even at random times. Sometimes we tend to rush ahead in stress or overwhelm, and neglect to check in with ourselves.

Challenge - Explore how you feel in your journal.
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Lee-Anne Peters is an artist, self published author, speaker and founder of the award-winning Temple of Balance. Lee-Anne is passionate about helping others follow their own passions and to experience real balance in their life. She does this by being a practicing and living example of what she teaches, and encouraging others to discover what works for them. Lee-Anne resides in Tasmania, Australia with her husband and two children.

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