The Artist in me.... by Lee-Anne Peters

A lot of art portrays a message of importance from the artist / creator - whether it is in the form of music, visual arts, performance etc. Some of the messages are political, religious, love related etc in nature.

Reflecting on this over these past few days made me seriously think about WHY I create, and what the general message is in the drawings, writing, ceramics, jewellery and other creative pursuits which interest me. I wanted to explore within my own inner depths what message I am trying to get across using my art forms - the way I creatively express myself.

[Lee-Anne putting the final touches on her pastel drawing called - Tree of Life. This piece may represent strength, freedom and the birthing of the new for you as you stop to enjoy the sweetness of life - what it represents will be different for everyone - depending on the viewer.]

I realised that my art tends to delve into the realms of the emotions and the mind - calling them out of the mysteriously deep and often 'hidden' realm within. I enjoy feeling my way through life and exploring my own mental zone, and I noticed that a lot of my writing, poetry and visual arts reflect this.

[When Lee-Anne drew this piece titled 'Shadow' she experienced heightened emotions, and with this the piece transformed right before her eyes as she let herself feel her way through the process.]

I LOVE to give these emotions and thoughts a voice, which may help the viewer / reader / user to have a healing, awakening or revealing experience which is unique.

I want to help others become more comfortable with how they feel and what they think and to use these tools to further get to know who they are. So often in society we hide how we really feel or think with medication, addiction, denial, fear, insecurities, lack of confidence and labels.

[Lee-Anne creating a sense of union between two - whether it be romantic, friendship, family or just a sense of compatibility and acceptance.]

Through my art I aim to bring more awareness to the power and potential of our emotions and our thoughts. Also more acknowledgement of the blockages we hold in such aspects of who we are, and how to dislodge and clear them to find a more balanced space to live.

As I become more aware of my art's purpose, it will help me hone in on certain feelings, thoughts and experiences and express that in a more impacting way through my craft.

[A ceramic sculpture (Raku fired) inspired by the movement and stability of a tree, and the wisdom which Lee-Anne observes.]


If it interests us, may we find a way to express our passions, interests and viewpoint of our world. Let's add colour, art, music, playtime and fun to this sometimes bleak world.

~ Thanks for reading,

All my LOVE, Lee-Anne Peters

- Lee-Anne Peters is the founder of Temple of Balance, a self published author of ten titles, artist, sculptor, speaker and poet from Tasmania, Australia. Her life revolves around her Temple of Balance work where she aims to help others discover and maintain their balance in life. Lee-Anne enjoys working with clay, soft pastels, working with crystal specimens to create powerful pendants, writing, poetry and helping others through her own experience. In her spare time Lee-Anne sings in a local choir, plays the trumpet in a local community band, tends to her garden and spends time with her husband and two teenagers.

Please browse Lee-Anne's Temple of Balance website to explore her various artistic works, books, meditations and tools which may help you.

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  • Thank you Lee-Anne. I consider myself blessed that I happened upon your FB page and find your insight, art and meditations enlightening. Thank you again. Namaste. ♡

    Jo Moyer

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