Celebrating Temple of Balance Milestone - 2 May 2016

In 2009 Temple of Balance was born on Facebook. It was one of the earlier pages, before the big brands got on board. Back in those days we didn't really have a newsfeed :) People would hang out on my page, and we would do readings, smudging and distant healing events.
In early 2013 the page took off into the stratosphere! With several consistent months of over 20,000 new likes a week quickly kicked Temple of Balance into mind blowing numbers.
And now, at the very end of April 2016 we just passed our latest milestone of 700,000 friends. Considering I haven't paid a cent in advertising and have never paid for a like and this growth is completely organic blows my mind even more.
So here I am, after 7 years of daily dedication and posting several posts every single day.
I am so thrilled that so many people respond to and want to be a part of Temple of Balance - thank you all!
To celebrate my gift for you is a guided meditation. It was suggested by one of our friends Nicole Brereton - Drifting Times Guided Meditation. It is mostly guided to help you relax and then take you on a personal journey. Please feel free to share the meditation with others who may be interested. And if you're not a member of our Facebook page, why not flow over and check it out here: Temple of Balance on Facebook
I also have a drawing to gift to one of our Pillar of Light Family Members on 5:5:2016. You can learn more about being a member HERE and about the Healing Art HERE
Thank you again, and I trust you enjoy this meditation gift for you, and best of luck to all members for the Healing Art gift for you.
All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

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  • Best thing I ever did when started or progressing on my journey was to meet Lee Anne and Cory from Temple of balance!!!! I owe where I am at today to the seffless dedication of Lee brilliant people both in their own rights…..I’ve learned much…..
    Went on retreat in Tassie recently ahhh something just for me a goal!!!
    Drumming being alive!!!
    Now almost six amazing years of following Temple of balance and shall continue to do so <3

    Kerry Spoelma

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