eBook - Healing Energy Cards

Healing Energy Cards eBook
The Perfect Companion to your Favourite Healing Cards!
Lee-Anne Peters
“I know that your Healing Cards are amazing but this has surprised me! I have never worked with a tool that has such clear results!” Meg Stockenstroom
After many people requested a companion book for Lee-Anne’s Healing Energy Cards, she created this marvellous tool to work with as you get to know the cards.
Featuring a detailed description of all 55 cards, plus other useful information, your intuition will be enhanced as you get to know the cards, yourself and what you want in life!
Coming to you since 2008; Healing Energy Cards are amazing tools to help you self heal on all levels!
Please learn more about Healing Energy Cards and how to purchase your own deck HERE
Authors: Lee-Anne Peters
Released: 2012
Price: AU$4.99 - details to download this will be emailed to you within 48hrs after purchase.
Weight: Digital
Publisher: Independently - Temple of Balance

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