Soul Reading - 30mins - audio recorded


with Lee-Anne Peters

- audio recorded -

30mins - approx 6 months


Lee-Anne is known for her strong intuition, honesty and to-the-point guidance.


Available until sold out. These are available 1-2 times a year. Completed within 7 days of purchase.

Please note that your session is recorded for your listening only - Lee-Anne will forward a link to the recording shortly after your session.


This service is to share guidance and personal advice for you based on Lee-Anne's intuition and psychic gifts. She will work with her self-created decks of cards which act as a window to help her see further into your energy and future. Lee-Anne is passionate about helping you move forward, become clearer and to follow your passions.

These readings are not 'guessing games'. Only proceed with this if you'd like genuine help in your life.

Lee-Anne prefers not to focus on questions, because her experience has shown her that what we 'want' and what we 'need' can be very different things.

What might happen during a Soul Reading?

Firstly, Lee-Anne will explain what she is doing and what may happen. Then Lee-Anne will ask you to relax and be open to receiving what you need. She will then shuffle the decks of cards on your behalf and lay them out in an intuitive and unique way which inspires her in the moment - then she will start reading them and sharing the information which is coming through.


Your Soul Reading will be sent to you within 10 days after purchase. You'll receive an email to confirm your purchase, and if there is a delay, Lee-Anne will contact you with details.


Lee-Anne started reading when she was 14 years old (1990) after her mother gifted her with a set of mythic tarot cards. Fascinated by them, Lee-Anne studied the cards and stories behind them and by the time she reached age 17 - every lunch time, students in college would line up for readings in the cafeteria. Self taught, Lee-Anne has previously read in several psychic expos and 'new age' shops in Tasmania prior to when she founded Temple of Balance. Then Lee-Anne began connecting with others full time.


Please note that your session is recorded via mp3 for you to listen to anytime over the coming 6 months - this will be forwarded to you upon completion of your Soul Reading.


Lee-Anne never recommends regular sessions, but encourages you to work with tools she shares (or ones you already use) and re book only if absolutely necessary. Usually no sooner than six months is recommended.


Some recent feedback for this service:

"Your reading is special and it will be my guide to a new way of being. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" S.B. June 2017

"Thank you so much for my soul reading. I was amazed how much it resonates with me. The work i have done to "free myself" has been life changing and to have that recognised meant so much to me. i have found this reading to be very releasing and comforting, taking me one step further in my journey to be free. I am so thankful for everything you do and would not be the better person i am today without your guidance and lovely meditations." J.M. June 2017

"Your reading was so spot on. Thank you so very, very much. I was looking for validation in what I am doing and you definitely gave that to me. Thank you so much again!" J.R. June 2017

"Wow. What a powerful reading and experience. Thank you so much. You have confirmed so much to me that I have been thinking about. I need to listen again and make some detailed notes. I am working on clearing my old stuff and also getting assistance. Now I have a clearer picture of what to do next. Thank you from my heart Lee-Anne." F.C. June 2017

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