Drawing Original - Tiger

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Drawn by Lee-Anne Peters (L.Willson)
30 June 2016
soft pastel & charcoal on paper
Size: 64cm x 51cm (landscape)
Weight: 455g

Sale Price: $140 AUD (approx USD$105) plus shipping (see below) in postal tube

Is this drawing calling to you? Sit with it and read the words below and see if it has been drawn for you.

Tiger is a powerful animal totem, and one which can stir your inner power to see things through, to attempt new tasks and step out of your comfort zone. Tiger ignites a new sense of passion for life - inspiring you to wake up enthusiastically to start your new day and create it to be purposeful.

This drawing presents tiger laying patiently in the grasses - resting and honouring that time of rest before he leaps into action again. Thus tiger reminds you to balance your active times with your rest times. Things do not have to be running on high activity all of the time - rest and inactive times can be just as productive. And these rest periods provide the time you may need to plan, organise, heal, reflect or get clearer.

Tiger looks ready to pounce - ready to go and dive in as soon as the green light has switched on. This may inspire you to reignite your own get up and go! To proceed - to pursue - to move forward.

Tiger lays on the lush and supportive green grass. It is nurturing and reminds you that you are loved and supported. Some time outside may help you feel it too.

Around tiger is powerful moving energy backed in purple. This reminds you to balance your physical activity time with your spiritual interests. The energy converges over tiger's head which highlights his assistance in helping you reconnect to yourself and your life.

MESSAGE FOR YOU - TIGER has come forth in your life today to remind you how powerful and passionate you can be. Let your doubts go, release your lack of self-confidence and take steps to explore the new which wants to be born into your life. Tiger brings through a driving force, a sense of assertiveness to help you see things through - especially challenging times.

Prints are available - email mail@templeofbalance.com to request affordable list of various sizes.

Created by Lee-Anne Peters

From Temple of Balance


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