Pendant - Tektite with Tiger's Eye

*Tektite with Tiger's Eye*

handmade - one of a kind

Tektite: Assists one in attaining knowledge, as it is extraterrestrial in origin. Balances the feminine/masculine, provides insight, and strengthens the energy field. Can stimulate thought transmissions, and assist with learning lessons throughout the travels of life.

Tiger’s Eye: Is a very protective and grounding stone. It wards off negative energy and strengthens your connection to the earth. It helps teach the correct use of power, and assists with keeping you stable during troubled times. Tiger’s Eye encourages activity in both the mind and body, shaking off stagnation and prompting you to take action when you feel stuck. Tiger’s Eye is useful during meditation for people that struggle with constant distracting thoughts.


Hung on a tan, black, or white plaited synthetic leather cord of 3mm with clasp, adjusts to 49cm.

*optional cord options:
- extra 10cm of length - AU$10
- extra 10cm of length & sterling silver (only suitable if want to wear in water) clasps - AU$20
(please inform upon first email if you wish to change cord)

H. 9cm x W: 3cm x D: 2cm

Weight: 50g (rounded to 200g to allow for packing)

For sale price of (plus shipping - see below):
* AU$100 (approx USD$69)

*please note: some reflections or shadows observed in photo may not be present in person.

Power Pendants Created by Lee-Anne Peters
From Temple of Balance


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