Pendant - Chabazite with Labradorite and Granite / Pink Feldspar

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Chabazite with Labradorite and Granite / Pink Feldspar

handmade - one of a kind

Chabacite: (Tasmanian Stone) Strengthens intuition and carries a loving and supportive vibration that soothes and promotes balance. It helps ground the energies of the higher chakras into the heart, increasing your spiritual connection. Its calming energy helps promote restful sleep and deeper meditations lacking in distraction.

Labradorite: heightens intuition and enhances psychic abilities, resonating strongly with the Third Eye Chakra. Labradorite dispels illusions and with it true intentions are seen more easily. Labradorite protects against negative energies while balancing, strengthening and protecting the aura. Labradorite is a stone of transformation and change, encouraging old wounds, feelings, and past life issues to come to the surface for healing and to be released. It is a great stone for meditation and helps you connect with your higher self.

Granite / Pink Feldspar - granite with orthoclase - has been personally collected by Lee-Anne. They are naturally made tumble stones from the 'Hazard Mountains' in Eastern Tasmania (see photo of the mountains). These mountains are powerful and are walked over to reach the iconic Wineglass Bay. Lee-Anne describes the Hazard Mountains as the 'Uluru of Tasmania'. Lee-Anne has worked a lot with this stone and uses it to help stay centred and grounded in the heart. This tiny piece of mountain will help you connect with your inner heart power and establish a healthier relationship with yourself. 

Hung on a black or white plaited synthetic leather cord of 3mm with clasp, adjusts to 49cm.

*optional cord options:
- extra 10cm of length (white or black only) - AUD$10
- extra 10cm of length (white or black only) & sterling silver (only suitable if want to wear in water) clasps - AU$20
(please inform upon first email if you wish to change cord)

H. 11cm x W: 3cm x D: 2cm

Weight: 55g (rounded to 175g to allow for packing)

For sale price of (plus shipping - see below):
* AU$135 (approx USD$97)

- one-off piece of Tasmania Chabazite.

*please note: some reflections, darkness are observed from the photo. some reflections may not be present in person.

Power Pendants Created by Lee-Anne Peters
From Temple of Balance


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