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- hand made by Lee-Anne Peters -

This is an owl talisman / necklace with slip-over-head cord and it sits around the heart area. Cord length is approx 66cm.

Owls are a great symbol of wisdom, keen senses and stealth in movement. Reminding us to explore the shadows and darkness within ourselves, to observe and take action as inspired to bring the light into the dark. Please google - owl animal totem - for more general information about owl as a totem.

THE SALE OF THIS OWL PROUDLY SUPPORTS the RAPTOR REFUGE - A portion of the proceeds from this ceramic owl go towards supporting the Raptor and Wildlife Refuge of Tasmania inc. - the amount being donated is specified below.
Craig does a fantastic job caring for, rehabilitating and housing injured raptors from across Tasmania, Australia.

APPROX DETAILS (each owl talisman varies slightly):
Height: 7.5cm

Width: 4cm
Depth: 0.5cm
Weight: 22g
Shipping weight: under 500g

Clay: Terracotta

Glaze: white underglaze with clear glaze over.

Exchange: AUD$22 - (approx USD$17) plus shipping - see below

Donated from this sale to the Raptor Refuge: AUD$3

*The product images shown are for illustration purposes only. There may be slight variations in the talisman you receive.

All owls in this collection are made with ceramic clay, which is breakable if dropped or smashed against something. Please handle with care. All owls are packaged well to avoid breakage during shipping.

LINK to see more of this range - www.templeofbalance.com.au/collections/owls

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