Howlite Box Set - Pendant earrings and pin

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Howlite Box Set - Pendant earrings and pin

handmade - one of a kind

This box set includes: handpainted box, Howlite pendant - with Oolitic Chert and Amethyst. Howlite earrings, and Howlite pin.


PENDANT: Featuring Howlite, Oolitic Chert and Amethyst hung with a black plaited cord with stainless steel clasp measuring 49cm (this cord can have extra length added - let us know - you can add a chain or other cord yourself if you prefer another style or size).

Actual pendant measurements are: H. 7.5cm x W: 3cm x D: 1.7cm - Pendant with cord weight: 38g.

Howlite: is an extremely calming stone, helping to relieve tension, high stress, and overly intense emotions. It calms the mind, helping to break down negative thought habits and worries. It can assist with insomnia by stopping your thoughts from racing at night and eliminating bad dreams. The calming effects of Howlite can help reduce anger and encourage clear, calm communication even with opposing sides.

Oolitic Chert - A Tasmanian stone. This stone forms in single 'egg' shapes which make this a great stone to help foster new beginnings, maintain creativity and increase fertility in one's life. The black and white nature of this particular Oolitic chert brings with it a balance of the Yin Yang energy within one's self and one's life. This is an extremely protective and grounding stone, and balancing that with a boost in uplifting energy to strengthen connections.

Amethyst: is a great all round healing stone. It's a great stone for people new to working with crystals and children. It helps awaken the intuition and spiritual connections, along with trusting in ones' gifts / wisdom. Great for working on opening / strengthening the third eye chakra and useful during meditation. 


EARRINGS: Featuring Howlite (see info above) and stainless steel hooks.

Earring measurements (from top of hook to base of crystal) are: H: 6.5cm x W: 1.1cm x D: .9cm - Combined earring weight: 13g.

BROOCH: Featuring Howlite (see info above) and a stainless steel stick pin.

Brooch measurements (including stick pin) are: H. 7.8cm x W: 2.5cm x D: 1.2cm - Brooch weight: 7g.


H. 3cm x W: 9cm x D: 9cm

Total Weight: 85g (rounded to 450g to allow for packing)

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*please note: some reflections, darkness are observed from the photo. some reflections may not be present in person.

Power Pendants Created by Lee-Anne Peters
From Temple of Balance


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