Healing with the Ascension Mastery Series

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I Am Shaman: Let go and allow flow

Ascension Mastery Series part 1

Written by Lee-Anne Peters

Believe in your Power, your ability to be it all,
That ability to rise up and dust yourself off after the fall.
Awaken dear shaman, hold that Sacredness within,
As you step into the circle, your shaman journey begins...

Get up-close and personal with Lee-Anne as she is joined by the Shaman, Kakara, and power animals to inspire you on this incredibly healing and empowerful journey- I Am Shaman.

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I Am Goddess: It's time to Shine

Ascension Mastery Series part 2

Written by Lee-Anne Peters

Your Goddess comes forth with a pure white flower,
She encourages you to breathe IN all of your power.
Breathe who YOU are deep inside,
Open your heart – come within for the ride!

Do you want to shift old emotion that has been holding you back?
Would you love to LOVE yourself more?
Can you imagine living in harmony with your emotions?

A healing experience like no other - the Ascension Mastery Series – is about being real about how you feel and awakening aspects within you that may have become forgotten or lost. Within this second part of the series – I Am Goddess – you are encouraged to explore your inner realm of the soft, feminine, emotional, creative and sensual.

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The Warrior: Trailblazer of Truth

Ascension Mastery Series part 3

Written by Lee-Anne Peters

“Leading the way – where others dare not tread,
It’s my purpose to follow heart path not head.”

It’s time to drop the armour you carry that is limiting your growth, and instead find comfort in your gentle power as you are motivated and initiated into the warrior energy.
Come on this incredibly unique journey of inspiration and honesty as Temple of Balance founder and author Lee-Anne Peters guides you further into yourself.

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Healing Energy Cards: Tools to help you Self Heal on all levels!

Healing Energy Cards contain 55 hand-drawn cards and an info card that are FULL of healing energy! These cards can help facilitate your healing on ALL levels – physical, emotional, mental & karmic - they can also activate your energy field to higher frequencies.

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