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Healing Hands
Drawn by Lee-Anne Peters
5 June2021
soft pastel & acrylic paint on paper
Size: 64cm x 51cm (portrait)
Weight: 455g

Price: $150 AUD (approx US$113) plus shipping (see below) in postal tube.
This illustration is an upgrade and extension from the original artwork from Healing Energy Cards (edition 1&2) #22. Healing Hands.
On the 5th June 2021, I hosted an online Art Class, where my students and I explored this energy, and I created this piece. It will become the new illustration for card #22 when this deck is reprinted in 2022.

This illustration is centred around the hands - especially the palms. As the drawing unfolded it went from wispy, unmanifest energy to a more solid form - highlighting the creation and healing process of change - changing something into a new way or form.

The hands are emerging out of the wispy unmanifested energy. At the palms are expanding soft spiral light - representing the healing, creative and expressive energy to receive or emit.

In between the hands under the thumbs is a green portal of light - drawing the energy in and through.

All of this sits within a heart - which represents loving, caring and nurturing intentions as we heal, create and express.

This piece brings with it healing, change and focus.

You are purchasing the original pastel drawing.
This illustration is part of my refined upcoming deck of Healing Energy Cards (original deck - 3rd edition). Due to be printed and released in 2022.

Created by Lee-Anne Peters

From Temple of Balance


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