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Emotional Healing
Drawn by Lee-Anne Peters
10 April 2021
soft pastel & charcoal on paper
Size: 64cm x 51cm (portrait)
Weight: 455g

Price: $150 AUD (approx US$113) plus shipping (see below) in postal tube.

This artwork is the new and upgraded Healing Energy Card 8. Emotional Healing. The old illustration for this card required upgrading to a new level as I prepare to do another print run of my popular Healing Energy Cards (rel 2008).

This piece highlights our 'centre' and finding the 'eye' within the storm that plays out around us in our life - whether this storm be drama, problems, situations etc, it is the chaotic energy which knocks us out of balance and out of centre.

The 'eye' / centre is the calm zone, the place of understanding, protection, stillness and balance. Around this calm zone the summer grasses and wheat has dried and those seeds and grasses blow about in the wind. This area helps inspire release - but also a separating the 'wheat from the chaff'. In other words - letting the pain of the past, drama, problems etc go and be detached from us, while we take hold of the lesson, wisdom and 'gem' within the experience. How has it made us a better or stronger person? Has it led us to a new opportunity we wouldn't have had otherwise?

This artwork contains a lot of movement, motion, letting go, calm, centre, focus, with an emphasis on choice, boundaries and where we want our attention and energy to be (in the calm zone, or chaos zone?).

You are purchasing the original drawing - this is not a print.
This illustration is part of my refined upcoming deck of Healing Energy Cards (original deck - 3rd edition). Due to be printed and released later in 2021

Created by Lee-Anne Peters

From Temple of Balance


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