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*Septarian Egg*

Meaning of Septarian: It has very strong grounding and protective energies. The grounding energy helps lessen fear / stress and can assist in breaking circular thought patterns. It is a great eliminator of negative energy in one's environment (including from people you interact with) and body. It encourages anyone working with it to journey within to find their true self and to break out of their shell. Along the same lines of breaking out / breaking free Septarian encourages the review of your foundations/beliefs for anything that may be holding you back. It can help strengthen your will and is great for people that have trouble speaking up, speaking their truth, or saying no. Used during meditation any of the above qualities can be utilised or it can be used to connect with past lives. It resonates with the base chakra the most but help cleanse and strengthen any of the seven major chakras.


Weight: 530g (rounded to 680g to allow for packaging)


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