Crystal - Ruby Fuchsite wand and Citrine wand

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*Ruby Fuchsite and Citrine wands*


Ruby Fuchsite: is a wonderful stone for the heart, helping one to release old wounds and to stimulate the expansion of the heart. Ruby fuchsite helps teach self worth and assists in breaking down mental thoughts of not being good enough. It helps break down co-dependent relationships and encourages “tough love” when needed. It can help bring anger and negative energy to the surface and then transmute them into positive energy.

Citrine: is a stone of abundance. It can help attract good things into your life. It assists with both personal and professional relationships, smoothing over rough patches and encouraging positive changes to be made. Citrine can help clear depression by bringing your attention to things that bring you joy in your life.


Total Weight: 136g (rounded to 290g to allow for packaging)

Price: $45 AUD (plus shipping - see below):


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