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*Four pyramid collection | Amethyst, Bloodstone, Green Aventurine, Tiger's Eye*

Amethyst: is a great all round healing stone. It's a great stone for people new to working with crystals and children. It helps awaken the intuition and spiritual connections, along with trusting in ones' gifts / wisdom. Great for working on opening / strengthening the third eye chakra and useful during meditation. 

Bloodstone: is a great stone to use in healing. It helps remove toxins from your energy and surroundings. Bloodstone gets pockets of stagnant energy moving again and helps encourage more physical activity in your life. The grounding energy of bloodstone helps you get out of your headspace and break down negative thought patterns. Bloodstone's protective energy helps ward off attacks from others and self.

Green Aventurine: is very comforting and great for healing the heart. It helps restore inner harmony by balancing the masculine and feminine energies while promoting emotional calm. It helps defuse negative situations and calms anger / irritation. Aventurine brings together the emotional and intellectual bodies, encouraging balanced approach to all things.

Tiger’s Eye: is a very protective and grounding stone. It wards off negative energy and strengthens your connection to the earth. It helps teach the correct use of power, and assists with keeping you stable during troubled times. Tiger’s Eye encourages activity in both the mind and body, shaking off stagnation and prompting you to take action when you feel stuck. Tiger’s Eye is useful during meditation for people that struggle with constant distracting thoughts.


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