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Crystal - Earrings



Granite / Pink Feldspar - granite with orthoclase - has been personally collected by Lee-Anne. They are naturally made tumble stones from the 'Hazard Mountains' in Eastern Tasmania (see photo of the mountains). These mountains are powerful and are walked over to reach the iconic Wineglass Bay. Lee-Anne describes the Hazard Mountains as the 'Uluru of Tasmania'. Lee-Anne has worked a lot with this stone and uses it to help stay centred and grounded in the heart. This tiny piece of mountain will help you connect with your inner heart power and establish a healthier relationship with yourself.

A sturdy handmade set of crystal earrings with Stainless Steel holding (where crystal is set). Functional and using good quality stainless steel hooks.

Crystals are breakable - although quite durable they can chip or break if dropped or treated roughly.

Dimensions (individual - part with crystal): H. 15mm x W: 15mm x D: 10mm

Total length (from top of hook to base of ceramic): 45mm

Weight - combined: 5g

Crystal: Granite / Pink Feldspar - unpolished

Shipping: included in price.

AU$25 (approx $17USD) including shipping worldwide.

Created by Lee-Anne Peters
From Temple of Balance

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