Crystal - Blue Lace Agate Specimen & Apophyllite Specimen

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*Blue Lace Agate Specimen & Apophyllite Specimen*


Blue lace agate: is a gentle, calming stone, that helps reduce anger and anxiety. It encourages the reduction of stress and softening of depression or worry. Blue lace agate is great for the throat chakra and is known as the stone of communication. Great for public speakers or anyone about to engage in a difficult conversation.

Apophyllite is a very high vibrational stone so it’s great for meditation and connecting with your guides and/or deceased loved ones.  The stone connects well with the third eye and crown chakras. Apophyllite helps eliminate stress and clear anxiety. If a person suffers from anxiety keeping Apophyllite in their environment will help the person to relax and not have the extreme reaction to certain triggers. Apophyllite can draw out and dispel negative energy so it can be used to cleanse all of your chakras.




Weight: 170g (rounded to 270g to allow for packaging)


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