Ceramic - Temple of Balance

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*TEMPLE OF BALANCE* hand crafted compartmented display piece

handmade - one of a kind

This Temple of Balance display piece features at least one compartment (see images) for you to store your special notes, crystals, jewellery or items. The inside is completely glazed, thus is watertight. Your Temple would do well positioned on your sacred alter, in your bedroom or any other special place around your home or workplace.

It was created to inspire you to stand tall and strong in your sense of self and who you are. The grounding energy within it is strong, as it teaches you to feel your inner strength to help you stretch upwards further with your connections to the Universe - thus helping you find a sense of balance between above and below, and within and in the outer world.

In late 2016 Lee-Anne learned this technique from US ceramicist Candone Wharton when she visited Tasmania. Lee-Anne is creating them to reflect her own style and colour.

Compartments (see images): 1
Height: 16.5cm
Width: 14cm
Depth: 6.5cm
Weight: 341g
Shipping weight: under 500g
Exchange: AU$45 - (approx USD$34) plus shipping - see below
Materials: Terracotta clay
with forest green and blue glaze over base.
Handbuilt by Lee-Anne Peters

All Temples are mailed out within 5 working days, with our mail out days typically Mondays and Fridays.


This item is under 500g - medium parcel


Shipping in Australia (domestic) - AU$8.00

(Estimated delivery time: 2 to 10 business days)


Shipping to Asia / New Zealand (airmail) - AU$14.77

(Estimated delivery time: 5 to 14 business days)


Shipping to the USA / Canada (airmail) - AU$16.85 (approx $13 USD)

(Estimated delivery time: 14 to 21 business days)


Shipping to the rest of the world (airmail) - AU$21.46

(Estimated delivery time: 14 to 21 business days)


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