Ceramic - Smudge Bowl package

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Ceramic - Smudge Bowl package


A sturdy handmade ceramic smudge bowl, includes 3tblsp of local beach sand and 10-12cm Smudge stick.

SMUDGE BOWL - handmade using terracotta earthenware clay, this smudge bowl is large, and can be used for other purpose (doesn't have to be smudge). It has the words on it to embed those energies into the smudging intention.

It's been fired to bisque and glaze fired as is standard for this type of clay. It's glazed in a green glaze with sandy blue glaze over it. All handmade by Lee-Anne from her studio in Tasmania, Australia.

Ceramics are breakable - although quite durable they can chip or break if dropped or treated roughly.

SMUDGE STICK - White sage 10-12cm long.

SAND - 3 tblsp of local Tasmanian beach sand hand collected. This comes in a zip lock bag. When you receive your package, open your bag of sand and place it in the bottom of the bowl. This is used to put out the smudge stick after use. note: ensure the smudge stick is fully out (not burning) before leaving it on its own..

Approx bowl dimensions: H. 10cm x W: 10cm x D: 10cm

Base style: Donut

Words / affirmation: Protect - Purpose

Approx bowl weight: 320g to 360g

Shipping Weight - total package - total: 670g (with packaging)

BOWL Liquid Volume: approx 500ml

AU$44 (approx $33 USD)

Plus Shipping - See below

Created by Lee-Anne Peters
From Temple of Balance


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