Blue Kyanite Box Set - Pendant & earrings

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Blue Kyanite Box Set - Pendant & earrings

handmade - one of a kind

This box set includes: handpainted box, Blue Kyanite pendant - with Blue Kyanite, tiger's eye, and howlite. Blue Kyanite earrings.


PENDANT: Featuring Blue Kyanite, Howlite, and Tiger's Eye, hung with a black plaited cord with stainless steel clasp measuring 49cm (this cord can have extra length added - let us know - you can add a chain or other cord yourself if you prefer another style or size).

Actual pendant measurements are: H. 9cm x W: 7.7cm x D: 1.1cm - Pendant with cord weight: 34g.

Blue Kyanite: excellent for attunement and meditation. Calming and tranquilizing. Aids self expression, communication and psychic abilities. Connects to spirit guides. Supports continuation of difficult projects. Instils compassion. Aligns chakras. Dispels blockages, confusion, illusion, anger and frustration. Treats muscular disorders, fevers, thyroid and adrenal glands. Strengthens the voice.

Tiger’s Eye: Is a very protective and grounding stone. It wards off negative energy and strengthens your connection to the earth. It helps teach the correct use of power, and assists with keeping you stable during troubled times. Tiger’s Eye encourages activity in both the mind and body, shaking off stagnation and prompting you to take action when you feel stuck. Tiger’s Eye is useful during meditation for people that struggle with constant distracting thoughts.

Howlite: is an extremely calming stone, helping to relieve tension, high stress, and overly intense emotions. It calms the mind, helping to break down negative thought habits and worries. It can assist with insomnia by stopping your thoughts from racing at night and eliminating bad dreams. The calming effects of Howlite can help reduce anger and encourage clear, calm communication even with opposing sides.


EARRINGS: Featuring blue kyanite (see info above) and stainless steel hooks.

Earring measurements (from top of hook to base of crystal) are: H. 5.6cm x W: .6cm x D: .4cm - Combined earring weight: 5g.


H. 3cm x W: 9cm x D: 9cm

Total Weight: 71g (rounded to 450g to allow for packing)

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*please note: some reflections, darkness are observed from the photo. some reflections may not be present in person.

Power Pendants Created by Lee-Anne Peters
From Temple of Balance


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