ART CLASS - Guided - Illusion

Join Lee-Anne Peters for her next Group Art Class on Zoom.
For this Art Class Lee-Anne will guide you through a new design creation of her Healing Energy Cards 32. Illusion (see image).
The image pictured is the original artwork, however Lee-Anne is in the process of upgrading it. She will guide you through this creation process as she does it.
Together, in this online Zoom Art Class - join live with Lee-Anne, and others from around the world, in a safe, supportive and encouraging setting.
No art experience is necessary.
Bring whatever art materials you have. You may like to use paint, pencil, pastel or even just a biro pen. Lee-Anne will likely be using soft pastels on a large piece of coloured cardboard / paper (200gsm).
Lee-Anne will have a rough plan for this artwork, and will also use her intuition and the energy of the group to guide the session.
Please come along to this art class with an open mind, and a willingness to create and learn.
About the artwork: The 'illusion' illustration was done prior to 2008, and was added to Lee-Anne's popular Healing Energy Cards.
This card is all about truth, illusion, distortion, ego, wounded self, hurt, protection, and negativity.
This ART CLASS includes:
- Access to a live 2-3hr Art Class (check date and time for suitability below).
- Doors open 30mins prior to starting time so you can get set up, check that the technology works and be ready to start on time.
- Be guided and encouraged by Art Teacher, Lee-Anne.
- 'Go rouge' - if you are led to create something different, you're welcome to do so.
- Live art advice and tips from Lee-Anne.
- Includes time of interpretation of your own art creation.
- Unlimited replay and access to the video in the future.
- Depending on how many people in attendance, this class may go beyond the 2hr time frame aim.
- A mobile, laptop or computer device which can access zoom, video and audio (check zoom details here)
- Art materials and a paper or canvas to create on.
- Journal for writing down any guidance you receive from your creative expression.
DAY: Saturday 3 July 2021
TIME: 10am start
DURATION: 2hrs (up to 3hrs if a lot of people in attendance)
DOORS OPEN: 30mins early - 9.30am
TIMEZONE: Sydney Eastern Standard Time - GMT+10
Exchange is only AU$69 (approx USD$52 or GBP38)
Discount for active Pillar of Light Members to AU$59. Discount will be given after purchase as a refund, or please contact us for direct payment.
Zoom log in details will be emailed out to you within 48hrs of purchase. Video replay link will be emailed out to participants within 48hrs of event.
Lee-Anne has been actively pursuing art since 1989 - when she was in grade 8. It was here that she discovered her love for creating with pencil, charcoal, pastel, paint and clay. Since that time Lee-Anne has pushed herself out of her comfort zone in many areas of the arts, and is mostly classed as 'self-taught'. She has been using art as a therapy for healing and intuitive expression for almost twenty years. Lee-Anne has created and illustrated four decks of cards, including the popular Healing Energy Cards and has offered her Healing Art service for clients for 16yrs.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
Previous Art Class Student Feedback:
"These art classes are sooo supporting for me and I love our discussions. In a way I am able to socialize with like minded people and in the same time learn /reflect together using creativity . It’s a win win for me. 

At the end of the class I find my self lighter, my soul is fed by this honest and intimate gathering and as a result I feel more inspired , balanced and on top of alllll this I gain a clearer perspective on where am I really at this moment. I find that through this art class I am able  to bypass my lower mind shenanigans and see where I am at really and the analysis/reflect  that we all do to one another are so rich and supporting." Kanti Devi - Turkey.




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