EVENT - Melbourne 2019 - Shamanic Healing Day

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Wisdom of the LION - WHALE - BUTTERFLY

Lee-Anne & Cory Peters
Personal and cosy group size.

MELBOURNE - Sun 16 June (Best Western Airport Motel & Convention Centre, 33 Ardlie Street, Attwood LINK) - CONFIRMED - bookings welcome.


All times: 9.30am - 4pm
Regular Tickets (from last one month before event): AU$230
Weekend Tickets: Book tickets to the whole weekend in Melbourne (Spiritual Surgery Practitioner's Course & Shamanic Healing Day) and receive a 5% discount when you pay in full. Contact us to register and get our bank details. Or purchase both and we'll refund 5% asap.
Payment Plan: considered. Deposit and regular contact required. Bank deposit only. Please contact us to discuss.
NOTE: there is a Spiritual Surgery Practitioner's Course at the above location on the day prior to this event - see details of that event here: LINK TO SPIRITUAL SURGERY PRACTITIONER'S COURSE
About this Healing Day
The Shamanic Healing Day is divided into three segments. Each segment is dedicated to an animal totem for us to explore, learn about and see the similarities between ourselves and the characteristics of that animal.
Included will be shamanic drumming, an intuitively guided meditation or healing time to further integrate and connect with that particular totem.
Although the Lion, Whale and Butterfly are our focuses, what we do, how we do it and the discussions and exercises created will be very much intuitively based in the moments as we flow. Lee-Anne is highly sensitive to group energy and will use this to steer the healing day into something deeply healing and beautiful.
Each animal segment is about 90mins in length and will include sharing, open discussion and a healing exercise of some sort.
Lion is our first focus for this Shamanic Healing Day. The Lion is an animal of leadership, authority and courage. It teaches us to reclaim our personal power to help us step forward in our life. We'll explore Lion in depth and allow its message (medicine) to inspire this part of our healing journey.
Lion will inspire strength in us, which will prepare us to connect with the beautiful deep stability of the Whale. The Whale is a symbol of depth, exploration, the journey and otherworldly connections. We'll discuss what Whale means to us, which will then lead us into a time of connection and healing.
Butterfly highlights a gentler and more delicate strength in us. This will finish off our Shamanic Healing Day beautifully. The butterfly inspires transformation, change - and accepting it, beauty and delicacy. We'll likely end the day with a wide open heart (chakra) and feel ready to fly in and transform our life - trusting in the unfolding of the unknown.
About your host:
Lee-Anne doesn't practice traditional shamanic ways. She has learned much from her mentor and local shaman (Cheryl Maddock) for almost 20yrs. This wisdom gained and through her own self-exploration practices, Lee-Anne adapts what she resonates with to suit her own lifestyle, philosophy and truth. Lee-Anne has been working with her shamanic drum for almost 20yrs also, and she describes it as an extension of her own arm and uses it often for her own self-healing, working with others and for connection.
The founder of Temple of Balance, Lee-Anne says that the underlying foundation of all of her work is her adapted shamanic connection. Recently Lee-Anne released her 4th deck of illustrated oracle cards all about power animals - see here.
Lee-Anne has hosted this event many times before with other animal totems as the focus.
What happens during this Shamanic Healing Day?
Note: these times are flexible and not fixed. They will depend on the flow of the day.
9.30am - welcome, settle in.
10am - 11.30am - LION - learning, exploring, healing, meditation, discussion.
11.30am - short break
12pm - 1.30pm - WHALE - learning, exploring, healing, meditation, discussion.
1.30pm - 2.30pm - lunch (bring your own)
2.30 - 4pm - BUTTERFLY - learning, exploring, healing, meditation, discussion.
This healing day is held in a very safe environment. Lee-Anne has a lot of experience with healing and group situations.
Water, hot drinks.
Safe space.
Use of drum (except Hobart), food, accommodation, transport etc
Crystals, or healing tools that you like to work with.
A pillow or blanket so you're comfy.
Your journal - notebook & pen.
Optional - Drum or other instrument
Teacher: Lee-Anne Peters
Support: Cory Peters
Anyone open to receive healing energy, insight and a new perspective is very welcome
Shamanic Healing Day questions / inquiries
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