Drawing Original - Lamb

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Drawn by Lee-Anne Peters (L.Willson)
7 October 2015
soft pastel & charcoal on paper
Size: 64cm x 51cm (portrait)
Weight: 455g

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Is this drawing calling to you? Sit with it and read the words below and see if it has been drawn for you.
LAMB is a symbol of joy, springtime and playfulness, and reminds us to welcome these things into our life, especially if we've been overly pressured and taking things very seriously lately.
As LAMB reminds us to lighten up, it also highlights it's vulnerability - especially if it doesn't keep up with the pack. So we must be cautious of getting to focused on what isn't working, how isolated we may think we are etc because it may cause us to retreat from the support around us and feel even more sensitive and vulnerable (on our own).
LAMB enjoys playing with other lambs as they fleet over rocks and grass. Thus reminding us to find associations and connections with others of like-mind - others who are interested in similar things. Let's see if there is a group, association or community gathering focused around the craft, hobby or thing we enjoy.
Beside LAMB in the drawing are two daffodil flowers - a true symbol of early spring time as the flowers, birds and bees become active, the weather warms and it is a great sign of a potential turning point of improvement in our life.
In the lower corner is a red symbol. This is urged to be meditated upon, however as a starting point it holds strong, true and very physical energy - meaning it helps inspire inner strength to make some new choices for oneself in the physical world. A new strength and courage opens up - if we allow it to.
MESSAGE FOR YOU - LAMB has lept into your life today to remind you of your innocence and perhaps that you've been overly vulnerable lately. LAMB springs around you reminding you to shake it off, let it go and find a new way - a new approach - a new mindset. Yes, it can be easier said than done - however, often that is an excuse too - can you take an honest look at yourself, realise what may be an issue at this time in your life, take responsibility for how you feel and then make some changes? It takes effort to make changes - however it will be worth every ounce of effort mustered. The sun is out, the new calls you - are you ready to follow that calling from within?

This illustration is part of my upcoming new deck of cards called - Animal Kingdom Oracle - scheduled release 2017.

Prints are available - email mail@templeofbalance.com to request affordable list of various sizes.

Created by Lee-Anne Peters

From Temple of Balance


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